Dave Redl

David Redl is a New Jersey cartoonist turned animator who watched heated debates on cable news shows and thought, "Geez... what were THEY like as kids..." and thus Angie was born! He's worked for King Features Syndicate as staff artist drawing and animating Popeye and Betty Boop among other characters. Since 1999 he's been the animation director at Funny Garbage, a NYC design company where he wore whatever hat to get the project done, drawing storyboards, animating, organizing productions and even programming. In his spare time, Dave created "", based loosely on his blue collar father and family, winning awards and asked to appear at many film festivals. The web site continues to get regular hits and receive fan mail around the world. Ever re-thinking his comic strip creations, "Angie" became an accumulation of all past efforts and learned lessons with comic strips, cartoons and animated characters.

The Loss of Personal Finance

2010 December 16

Economic Academics

2010 December 15

JFK… The Tea-Bagger?

2010 December 14

This guy would make a pretty good Conservative.


2010 December 7

read more…


2010 December 3

Trial for ALL the Marbles

2010 November 20

Funny Money

2010 November 18

What is quantitative easing? In short, it’s kind of like printing money. read more…

Playing Doctor or Army?

2010 November 15

The Mid-Term Meaning

2010 November 6

Selective Sensitivity

2010 November 1

When You’re Right…

2010 October 26

Inspired by this story.

I guess if you’re as angry as Angie, then you’re Right. If you’re as oblivious as Francis, you’re Left. And if you’re frustrated like Mike, you’re… what?

Separation of Comprehension

2010 October 22

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