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Can the Cant: 9-11 Was Always Already Politicized

2010 September 13

From the pages of the Washington Times comes an article filled with hand wringing over the GZ Mosque and Qur-B-Que controversies, quoting various people lamenting the politicization of 9-11. 9-11 has always been political, though.

Oh, yes, the reasons for the wanton massacre of thousands in the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and on various commercial airliners have mutated depending on the exigencies of the moment. I seem to recall that it was once outrage over the US military presence in Saudi Arabia, the breeding ground of the Wahabbist death cult. Mind you, the whole nation is “sacred,” but we mustn’t insist on moving a mosque from two blocks from Ground Zero. read more…

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The Flight Attendant Celebrity, Media Coverage, Narrative and Confusion

2010 August 16

Steven Slater, now famous for his dramatic and fabulous exit from his job as a Jet Blue steward, turns out to have been married once, as his ex-wife was defending him on MSNBC, so perhaps he’s not quite as fabulous as I’d supposed from getting a look at his MySpace page. I understand that the airlines have to be pretty tough about this kind of thing, particularly because their policies often make it necessary for people to sit in hot planes on the tarmac for hours and hours with no food and little water before taking off, or returning to the gate, so I imagine that he’s going to have a hard time in court. Still, I’m rooting for him, despite the version of events offered by his detractors at the Wall Street Jounal.

Strangely enough, his lawyer says that Mr. Slater would like to return to stewarding in the future if at all possible.

When he was arrested at his home, reporters asked him why he was smiling. Pundits and talking heads felt that it was a bit inappropriate somehow. read more…

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Justice and Mercy: The Lockerbie Bomber

2010 August 9

The news out of Scotland is that their officials are sick of the United States’ criticism regarding the release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, who, feeling “low” after his diagnosis with prostate cancer, and missing his loved ones, was released to Libya on the medical testimony of a prison doctor stating that he had but weeks to live. He was given a hero’s welcome there, for the achievement of having caused the deaths of 270 people, and is still quite alive. The release caused a certain uproar, and the Obama administration claimed it had been out of the loop, first, later changing that to having been opposed to his release, with documents finally demonstrating that in fact the President only urged that if he were released he would prefer the mass murderer remain in Scotland, rather than go to Libya. Given Obama’s audacity of mendacity, it’s understandable that Scottish officials should reject a calling onto the carpet in Washington.

Still, it’s distressing to read that Cardinal Keith O’Brien is lambasting Americans for wanting to understand how this travesty of justice came to be: read more…

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Joan Walsh Is on a Tear . . . of Lies

2010 March 27

Just a few days ago, I noted that Ms. Walsh had a little fit of demagoguery over Stupak and the nuns.Today’s column carries on the same technique of taking as givens (for purposes of “informing” her audience) assertions that simply aren’t true, then castigating others for moral equivalency.

The opening gambit is to compare Eric Cantor’s assertion that his office was shot at with that of Ashley Todd, a McCain campaign worker who claimed to have been beaten up by political opponents, and whose story was later discovered—Tawana Brawley-like—to have been manufactured. Cantor’s office storefront in Richmond, according to police, was hit by a stray bullet, but there is no evidence to suggest that someone was aiming for it. Cantor had announced the incident earlier in response to demagoguing by congressional Democrats regarding Tea Party (or as they like to say, Tea Bagger) violence, with the MSM quickly following their cue, as you can see here.

Let’s for the moment put aside comparisons, such as those regarding noose incidents, some examples of which can be found herehere, or here, though I could reach back and find many others. Let’s also put aside the privacy violations that were so loudly decried by opponents of Bush, but which are magnified a thousand fold under ObamaCare and the relentless drive towards totalitarianism, and the question whether Ms. Walsh has so much as tut-tutted any violence to persons or property at peace or anti-globo rallies. In fact, I’m feeling so generous that I’m not even going to bother to find out what, if anything, she said about Kenneth Gladney’s beatdown by Purple Shirts of color spewing racist epithets. read more…

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