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Frank Luntz’s focus group on Fox was wary and angry

2010 January 28

Frank Luntz’s focus group on Fox: “I think he’s [meaning Obama] mediocre and delusional,” “He’s the best conservationist in America because he keeps re-cycling his campaign promises.” There were a few who thought Obama was inspirational and doing the best with the circumstances he inherited — this seemed to divide along racial lines with the black panelists keeping hope alive. However, the complaints on the disconnect between Obama’s rhetoric and his actions dominated. Only one of member of the panel thinks the recession is over.

“He promised earmark reform. He signed the biggest pork-laden bill, $700, $800 billion in new pork.”

“He hasn’t kept any of his campaign promises, so because of that, the words that he said, some of them were encouraging, but they ring hollow to me.”

Luntz pointed out that Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House, is paid $223,000 per year, but the top U.S. general in America who runs the war gets $179,000 per year. Luntz then reminded the group that Obama said we should support the military and asked whether the general deserved to earn more than the Speaker of the House. Everyone said “yes.”

John McCain coins new acronym: ‘BIOB — blame it on Bush’

2010 January 27

Sen. John McCain on “Hannity” coins a new acronym for Obama’s approach to accountability and governing — BIOB, “blame it on Bush”:

The larger point is that he [Obama] lost elections in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, all of which he actively participated in, yet it’s the same rhetoric [on healthcare reform] and no outreach to Republicans.

Obviously he [Obama] was pushing the same failed health care proposal tonight [despite the election of Scott Brown to be the 41-st vote against Obamacare]. We now have a $40,000 debt for every man, woman and child in America. We need a package of reform to get us out of this mortgaging the future of our children. We cannot afford to have China own $800 billion of our Treasury notes and $3.5 trillion being owned by foreigners. Economic strength needs military strength and vice versa.”

Gov. Palin et al. on Obama’s SOTU

2010 January 27

On Fox with Greta van Susteren:

Karl Rove was struck by the tone, “he used the word ‘I’ 96 times.” He also notes the speech had a lot of “internal confusion”: we’ll cut spending, but have new programs where we spend more.

Surprise: Joe Trippi, Democratic strategist, thinks Obama “pivoted.”

Gov. Palin: “I think there was quite a bit of lecturing, not leading, as opposed to Gov. McDonnell’s remarks. He and the Democrats have been in charge for a year — he could have implemented these commonsense reforms all along.”

Charles Krauthammer says he’s amazed at how little Obama’s agenda has changed and calls it a tribute to Obama’s “tenacity or stubbornness.”

It’s both, Dr. Krauthammer — that capitalism just won’t kill itself.

Steve Hayes: “I thought it was a tone-dear speech. There are huge contradictions built into what he’s been saying. The rhetoric needs to match his actions.”

Note to Steve Hayes: The actions and rhetoric/promises of sociopaths very seldom match up. This is why all of Obama’s promises has expiration dates.

Obama SOTU — G.O.P. response

2010 January 27

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonell is giving the G.O.P. response from the Virginia State Capitol (paraphrased):

Taxes and regulations should be cut to promote the climate for creating more jobs and more opportunities. We can’t keep up this rate of government spending. We must restore the proper, limited level of government at every level. Most Americans do not want to turn over the best medical care system in the world to the government. We need to let people buy health insurance across state lines. We need tort reform. See Virginia can become the first state on the East Coast to explore for and produce oil and gas offshore. Now is the time to adopt energy policies that create jobs and lower energy prices.

You need a good education to get a good job. A child’s educational opportunities should be determined by her intellect and ambition, not her Zip code.

(Cool — his daughter is a sergeant and served in Iraq.)

A foreign terror suspect was given the same rights as an American citizen. We should be using our tax dollars to defeat terrorists, not defend them.

We can’t guarantee equality of outcome, but we can guarantee equality of opportunity. Over-regulating employers won’t create more jobs. Top-down decision-making strangles progress. The government that is closest to the people governs best. No government program can do better than volunteer programs. (He thanks the volunteers helping Haiti.)

America must always be a land where liberty and property are always protected. Opportunities must be open to everyone. God bless this great land of America.

Fox News points out Obama gave no firm deadline for when Congress should repeal DADT

2010 January 27

My prediction: when hell freezes over.

Although if there’s the remotest chance that any law promoting equality for homosexuals would destroy capitalism, then it will be enacted in a twinkling. Because Obama has his priorities.

Yo, Obama! Here’s a way to start: tell Eric Holder to stop filing scorched-earth amicus briefs on the side of opposition to homosexual equality.

Obama SOTU — ‘our administration has had some political set-backs this year’

2010 January 27

You don’t say.

For the first time in his life, Obama is proud of his country. Which seems to be America. Hard to tell.

Obama SOTU — ‘each time politicians tear this country down instead of lifting us up we lose faith’

2010 January 27

Really? Because tearing America down was all Obama did during the campaign.

Obama SOTU — we’ll finally repeal DADT

2010 January 27

Gay people: believe it when you see it and until then tell Obama you won’t donate another penny until the repeal of DADT and DOMA have been passed and signed. Which the Democratic majority Congress and Obama could do in ONE HOUR if they ever really want to.

Obama SOTU — ‘there will be difficult days ahead’

2010 January 27

But the sun will come up tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar.

Wait, wrong channel.

OK, now I’m back.

Obama: “We all have a responsibility to support them [service members] when they come home.”

Oh, God, Michelle Obama AND Jill Biden are going to do something-or-over to, er, for military families.

Obama: Iran “will face growing consequences. That’s the leadership we are providing.”


Obama: “We support the human rights of the women marching for human rights in Iran.”

Dude, you are almost a year late for that one.

Obama SOTU — Republicans are bad because I lost my super-majority last week

2010 January 27

Obama: “No issue has united this country more than our security… I’m not interested in re-litigating the past.”


Obama: “Let’s leave behind the fear and division ….”

OK, what say we re-locate the trials of the Gitmo terrorists to across the street from the White House. Or give them back to the military to be held at Gitmo. One of those two.

Obama SOTU — ‘what frustrates the American people is where every day is an election day’

2010 January 27

Obama: “Neither party should delay or obstruct every single bill just because they can.”

Or, apparently, just because their opponents would destroy America as a capitalistic, meritocratic and democratic republic.

Bad Republicans! Bad!

Obama SOTU — ‘I don’t think America’s elections should be bankrolled by corporations or America’s enemies’

2010 January 27

Seriously? Does that mean you’re going to pay back all the money you received from overseas by turning off the address verification feature for donations on your campaign Web site?

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