Christine Williams

Christine Williams is a 9-time international award-winning interviewer. She is Host and Producer of the Canadian National TV program “On the Front Line with Christine Williams” aired on CTS TV. She is also a Senior Advisor to the Hudson Institute in New York.

Fighting for Freedom While Losing His Own: An Interview with Geert Wilders

2011 May 16

“In the process of fighting for freedom, I lost my own freedom,” Dutch politician Geert Wilders explained.

Our weekly Canadian program, “On the Front Line,” was one of the media outlets carefully selected to interview Wilders during his first visit to Canada last week. For several years, public and private discourse has centered around the sensationalism of Wilders’ epic battle against the Islamization of the West. But this interview (still to be aired) revealed some of Wilders’ less publicized views on moderate Islam and the personal cost of his quest. read more…

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Osama bin Laden is Dead, but the Iranian Threat Remains Very Much Alive

2011 May 3

How convenient that Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast is saying that the U.S. has no reason to keep troops in the Middle East now that Osama bin Laden is dead, and thus terrorism has been eliminated. Far from it. Iran continues calls for the obliteration of Israel, President Ahmedinijad called on Arabs to “free” themselves from “arrogant powers” (the U.S. and Israel), and Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said:

People of the Middle East, the Muslim region and North Africa — people of these regions — hate America from the bottom of their heart.

Islamists are seizing the occasion of Osama bin Laden’s death to undermine the US’ resolve against terrorism, but the War on Terror is far from over. read more…

Jihadists Worldwide Emboldened by Backdoor Sharia Successes in Britain and France

2011 April 20

Osama bin Laden has threatened terror attacks on France for banning of the face veil, while Islamic extremists in Britain are threatening to kill women who do not wear a head scarf.   From the stealth Jihad perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood to violent Jihad, Islamists have and continue to impose Sharia law on Western soil, becoming increasingly emboldened.  Note Bin Laden’s warning to France:

If you unjustly thought that it is your right to prevent free Muslim women from wearing the face veil, is it not our right to expel your invading men and cut their necks?”

read more…

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The Anti-Israel Propaganda of Canadians for Justice & Peace in the Middle East

2011 April 1

Take note of the so-called “Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East” (CJPME) group. This organization has shown itself to be an ad agency for the Muslim Brotherhood, serving to promote divisive and dangerous ideologies which are causing strife and fragmentation among Canadian communities.

In the city of Hamilton, Ontario, not far from Toronto, the group recently bullied its agenda into the YWCA as it succeeded in renting a space on the Y’s premises to feature a lecture by British journalist William Parry about his book: “Against the Wall: The Art of Resistance in Palestine.” The incident serves as a model for how such groups manipulate and intimidate.

At first, the Y sought to cancel the rental space for this event, but after a letter from the organization’s lawyer, the YWCA submitted to intimidation, accepted that it was an issue of “free speech” and asked for an extra $600 security fee. The CJPME had accused the Y of bowing to the pressures of the pro-Israel lobby, Never Again Group. In strong words, the CJPME notes:

that a YWCA attempt to force the cancellation of the booking simply because of the topic of the meeting would constitute a violation of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Had an offshoot of the KKK requested space to parade racist hate against the black population, would the YWCA have allowed such a booking for fear that a refusal would constitute “a violation of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms? “ Nonprofit organizations like the Y are funded by public donations and are intended to serve a mission/mandate in the community, which does not include promoting propaganda campaigns of hate.

Some challenging e-mails were sent out to the Y and the CJPME with no sufficient reply if any. Included in some…

Gary Gerofky of Never Again Group asked rightfully of the YWCA:

we would like to know why you have chosen to highlight a controversial display of “art” that has no basis in truth and which vilifies and demonizes Israel. Surely you must know by now that this campaign against Israel ignores all the terrorism and totalitarianism in the region that makes security a top priority in Israel, a place that accepts people of all cultures, colour and religions unlike the dictatorships now killing their own people … This art display would be more appropriate were it to reveal the unexplored tyranny in Muslim countries.

Local journalist Steven Scheffer asked Thomas Woodley, a representative with CJPME:

Your page further states that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict greatly affects the stability of the entire region.  Nothing can be further from the truth…. 17,000 deadly terrorist attacks carried out by Islamists since 2001 alone. How do you explain the 15 – 20,000,000 Muslim deaths caused by other Muslims since the end of WW2?  Does the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that keeps you busy everyday also explain the killing and expulsion of Christians from Muslim lands?  Does the current upheaval in…the Middle East inconveniently conflict with your theory[?]

Despite relevant inquiries, disruptions among community members, and the clash with the mission statement of the YWCA, tickets began circulating to present: “Against the Wall: The Art of Resistance in Palestine.”

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Libya and the Middle East: Crawling with Hordes of Freedom-Hating Islamist Parasites

2011 March 29

In his presidential speech to the nation, Obama defended American use of military force as part of the coalition to protect Libyan civilians, yet as Vanity Fair fittingly described, Obama’s Speech on Libya Leaves Big Questions Unanswered, amounting to “an oddly belated effort to explain the obvious.” A pertinent question about Libya is this: what is the Western alliance backing? read more…

Canadian Islamophobia Hysteria Reinforced by Media’s Muslim Brotherhood Propaganda

2011 March 16

The Islamophobia panic, heightened by Peter King’s congressional hearings on radicalization, has spilled over into Canada. Leftist media outlets like CNN have substantial influence on public discourse, and now, the publicly funded Canadian broadcaster CBC has decided to make the hearings a top item on its daily program “As it Happens.” The program’s approach seeks to undermine the credibility of the hearings and add to the Islamophobia hysteria spurred on by the Muslim Brotherhood.

First, the CBC omitted a statement from King’s opening words that:

“the overwhelming majority of Muslim-Americans are outstanding Americans and make enormous contributions to our country.” read more…

The Final Wish of Pakistani Politician Shahbaz Bhatti, Murdered “Infidel”

2011 March 3

The shooting death of Pakistan’s Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti has once again cast the country’s blasphemy laws before the world’s scrutiny.  Bhatti, the only Christian in Pakistan’s government, was one of the country’s diminishing number of outspoken freedom advocates. He was prepared to face the threat of death in speaking out against Pakistan’s murder of anyone who insults Islam.

In an exclusive pre-released public statement, a personal friend of Bhatti, Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe (the president of the World Evangelical Alliance) sent to me his words of grief at the loss of a dear friend:

Not only have I lost a dear personal friend, but the world has lost a great champion for religious liberty, human rights and protecting the dignity for all people.

Dr. Tunnicliffe had recently met privately with Minister Bhatti to plan a high level visit to Islamabad by leaders of the World Evangelical Alliance. Bhatti revealed his final wish in a message to Dr. Tunnicliffe a day before his brutal assassination at the hands of Islamofacists upholding Pakistan’s blasphemy law:

I am determined to carry on defending the principles of religious freedom, human equality, social justice and the rights of minorities.

Bhatti went on to call on Christians around the world to “stand in solidarity.” Bhatti’s status as an “infidel Christian” was cited in pamphlets left by his assassins as the reason for his assassination, according to the World Evangelical Alliance statement.

Two months ago Punjab Gov. Salman Taseer , a high-profile member of Bhutto’s Pakistan People’s Party, was murdered by his own bodyguard for speaking out against the country’s blasphemy law which states:

Whoever by words, either spoken or written, or by visible representation or by any imputation, innuendo, or insinuation, directly or indirectly, defiles the sacred name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) shall be punished with death, or imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine.

This law even applies to accusations by a questionable witness(es) with an axe to grind.  Christian mother of five Asia Bibi was sentenced to death just before Christmas after a dispute.  She was asked to fetch water as a farmhand.  When other Muslim women workers refused to accept it from her because she was “unclean” and an infidel due to her faith, Asia allegedly lashed out at Mohammed and the Muslim faith according to so-called ‘witnesses’ and for this she was sentenced.

Freedom of speech is reviled in Pakistan and headlines have cast the issue into a dramatic public light.  But it is also condemned in other shariah countries including Turkey, deemed democratic, where Prime Minister Erdogan delivered a scathing anti-free speech address after receiving the absurd Gaddafi Human Rights Award in Libya three months ago.

The war against free speech–a tenet of  shariah– has seeped outside Islamic jurisdictions:  Dutch politician and film-maker Geert Wilders has been living in the shadow of fatwa since his release of the movie “Fitna.” And the United Nations has long endorsed Defamation of Islam resolutions which have had reverberations in the Western world, especially Europe where citizens have been dragged to courts and human rights commissions for “defaming” Islam, even as insults run rampant against Christianity with no retaliation.

Yet still the persecution of Christians in Islamic regimes, the fatwas upon the heads of those who blaspheme Islam, and the spread of shariah disdain for free speech remain whitewashed issues in the left-wing media.

Stop Whitewashing the Deceptive, Misogynistic, Racist and Dangerous Muslim Brotherhood

2011 February 25

Too many prominent Western voices—media and political—whitewash the danger of  the Muslim Brotherhood.  It is a global monolith with a single goal of worldwide Sharia despite being repeatedly advertised as a diverse entity with ‘moderate’ and ‘democratic’ factions. According to an article in The Nation:

The Muslim Brotherhood, the Cairo-based Islamist group that consumes the minds of American neoconservatives but rates hardly a second thought in Egypt, is in many ways like an ancient papyrus roll displayed in an airtight case lest it crumble when exposed to the elements.

This flawed rendition of the Brotherhood with a fledgling heartbeat is nonsense. read more…

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The Contemptible ThinkProgress Smear Job on Frank Gaffney

2011 February 16

The left-leaning Center for American Progress runs a blog site ThinkProgress where Frank Gaffney was ruthlessly smeared after being interviewed and subsequently misquoted. The deplorably sarcastic and untruthful report should serve as an open exhibit of the devious methods employed by leftists as they continue to trample the truth and promote the Muslim Brotherhood which is gaining disturbing ground, not only in America but globally. read more…

Opportunistic Palestinian Authority Using Jesus’ Birthplace to Facilitate Statehood

2011 February 9

The Palestinian Authority is pushing to have the birthplace of Christ designated as a U.N. World Heritage site, but such an application is made by independent states.  This overambitious move by the P.A. is intended to facilitate its aggressive bid for statehood.

“The timing is crucial for us; it is part and parcel of our plan to end the (Israeli) occupation and build the institutions of the state of Palestine,” Palestinian Tourism Minister Khulud Daibes said as she presented UNESCO with the formal submission, which includes Bethlehem’s “pilgrimage route.”

The grim reality: read more…

Seller of Israeli Shoes Terrorized by Quebec’s Most Popular Politician

2011 January 27

Amir Khadir shown throwing shoe at effigy of  George W. Bush

It would seem that some have forgotten that Canada is a democracy.  A store owner in Quebec is being terrorized by a recurring mob of Palestinian sympathizers—which includes elected politician Amir Khadir–determined to make him pay for selling Israeli products.

Every Saturday Yves Archambault faces the wrath of activists that have branded Israel an apartheid state.  They are calling for a boycott of his store, Le Marcheur, because he carries Israeli made shoes. read more…

Islamists Face off with English Defense League in Canada

2011 January 24

A Toronto rally signifying a push by the English Defence League(EDL) in Canada drew heated protests from placard-waving demonstrators hollering:  “EDL go to hell” and “neo-Nazi fascist thugs”.   Protesters blocked the street and 4 people were subsequently arrested with one police officer requiring medical treatment.

The EDL is an anti-Islamist group, whose leader– Tommy Robinson–was communicating with supporters over the internet outside the Toronto Zionist Center while protests smouldered. He was using a video feed over a movie screen which read:  “Canadians wake up.  The Islamicization of your country is on its way.” read more…

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