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Bosch Fawstin is an Eisner Award nominated cartoonist currently working on a graphic novel, The Infidel, of which the first chapter is now available as a digital comic. Bosch's first graphic novel is Table for One. He is also the author of ProPiganda: Drawing the Line Against Jihad, a companion to The Infidel, and the 1st print appearance of Pigman.

Open Thread: Pigman: NEVER Submit

2010 February 1


Iran Away From Reality

2010 January 31

– Bosch Fawstin

Open Thread: They Say Islam, We Say…..

2010 January 30

For my further thoughts on this, my essay Calling Islam “Islam”

mcCHRYSTAL’s METHod of war:

2010 January 27

The enemy will never submit to anything other than Islam or to our deadly force. It’s not surprising that General McChrystal was hand picked by Obama, a man who isn’t comfortable with the word “victory.”  We haven’t even begun to fight against Jihad and this “soldier” doesn’t have any more fight left in him. What a disgrace.

Serial Killers of Liberty

2010 January 26

Running for office is crazier than you think.
From an LA Times story:
“…..Violent homicide aside, our elected officials often show many of the exact same character traits as criminal nut-jobs, who run from police but not for office.
Kouri [the man behind the study] notes that these criminals are psychologically capable of committing their dirty deeds free of any concern for social, moral or legal consequences and with absolutely no remorse.
“This allows them to do what they want, whenever they want,” he wrote. “Ironically, these same traits exist in men and women who are drawn to high-profile and powerful positions in society including political officeholders.”

Jihad Watcher

2010 January 25

This one’s for Robert Spencer


An Honest Moment

2010 January 24
Thanks to Joe “You Lie!” Wilson, with apologies to “The Most Interesting Man in the World.”

it’s about TIME!

2010 January 23

That’s an actual title of a Time magazine piece. TIME magazine…..

– Bosch Fawstin

Open Thread: WeaPens Against Jihad

2010 January 22

This one’s for the writers and artists who tell the truth about the enemy, using the enemy’s own words and actions against them.


Open Thread: The Pig Has Flown….

2010 January 21

– Bosch Fawstin


2010 January 20


Open Thread: What’s worse than Pigman to the enemy?

2010 January 19


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