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I write as just one of millions of Americans who are considered as mere sheep who need to be herded by their sheep dogs. I’m one of those who believe in free-market capitalism, private property rights, the 1st amendment, the 2nd amendment and those thereafter too. I'm a constitutionalists who would be closer to the platform of Ron Paul, than to that of most republicans. Our founding fathers were so much more wiser than any we currently have sitting in places of highness, because for one, they were educated at a time when questioning was expected, and two, they revered the Holy Scriptures of Almighty God, and three, they were felt a sense of humility for the position and power they were entrusted to. The vision our current crop of politicians have is very different than the original vision which enabled America to become the greatest nation on the face of this earth. Rather than providing the people with the tools to achieve their own goals and ambitions, these new liberals are providing themselves with the power to limit individual goal achievement based on the notion that a bigger government is the answer to the problems of the little people. I'm just an average guy down the block

Cash for Water Heaters? Bet That’ll Work About as Well as Cash for Clunkers…

2010 March 6

The Real Standard for a Real Green House

Get ready to get in line for your next rebate opportunity as these programs go as fast as they come. The organizer in chief is on a roll with a new idea for saving jobs, creating jobs, reducing our dependence on oil, boosting the economy, along with clunkers being discarded before their time. Hmmm? How did the other cash for clunkers program work. Did not. Did not. Did not.

Obama sees the job as president as “seeing to it that every American that wants to work and is able to work can find a job,” And that’s why he’s proposing a cash rebate for anyone who upgrades their water heaters, air conditioners, home appliances, insulation, toasters, coffee makers, lawnmowers to “Homestar” approval. Now he did not specifically mention all of those appliances, as what’s to be included in the program has yet to be written into law. Also not yet determined is who will qualify, where they must be purchased, who can install the items, and for how many billions the program will last. Also, not determined is who will pay for the program. Also not determined is how will it create jobs for Americans who want to find one.
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Pelosi Said WHAT During Health Care Summit?

2010 February 27

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

During Thursday’s health summit, the one where Obama spoke for 2 of the 6 hours, Nancy Pelosi made this comment about the Health Care bill:

“It’s about jobs. In it’s life, it [the health bill] will create 4 million jobs — 400,000 jobs almost immediately.” read more…

If Canada’s Health Care is So Great Why is One of their Politicians Coming to the US for Surgery?

2010 February 25

"It's my heart, my choice and my health."

“Williams said he went to Miami to have a “minimally invasive” surgery for an ailment first detected nearly a year ago, based on the advice of his doctors.” Canadian Press.

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Why Does Howard Dean Support a “Racist” Book Store?

2010 January 30

September 2009
Howard Dean is speaking English while autographing his book in the Atticus New Haven book store. More on that later.

When I was attending college in the 60s, I spent one summer on a work exchange program when I was assigned to work in a German factory and live with a German family. I had to learn some degree of the German language rather quickly, as only 2 people in this German business had any command of English: the owner and a lady in the office, neither of whom I saw much. Referencing the dual language dictionary I brought along saved many misunderstandings. I could tell that they also enjoyed my German enunciation errors as I tried desperately to fit in and be accepted. We had our differences, one lonely American among scores of Germans, but not one person ever considered it discriminatory that the owner just let me make it on my own. read more…

All is Not Well at The Top of The Political Hierarchy: Obama’s “Transparency” Stinks

2010 January 17

Hamlet Instructs Players

There was a saying I often heard when I was growing up in the 50’s.  Digging into the Shakespeare play of Hamlet in which the phrase originated, the quote we oft abbreviated is: “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”. It carried the meaning that the fish is rotting from the head down—all is not well at the top of the political hierarchy.

When C-Span must go the length to ask the democrats for permission to televise the actual final negotiations over the Health Care reform package, then something is rotten in the state of our Congressional leaders.  In response to the request Harry Reid had this to say:

“We will continue to ensure that the Congress and the public will have ample opportunity to evaluate the bill before it moves to final passage.” read more…

Is the CIA Supposed to Hunt Bin Laden or Polar Bears?

2010 January 9

Is there any relationship between ice caps, polar bears and terrorism?

The National Center for Public Policy Research has discovered that the CIA is diverting intelligence agents and funds to the exploration of icebergs.

Washington, DC – As terrorists continue to infiltrate America, the Obama Administration is tasking some of our nation’s most elite intelligence-gathering agencies to divert their resources to environmental scientists researching global warmingRead more. . .

For this average American, I’ve got to wonder why specially trained agents for the gathering of intelligence working within the CIA are spending time studying the polar caps and icebergs.  Has the CIA discovered a very innovative way that Islamic terrorists may use as a route to destroy the American way of life? Are terrorists planning to blow up icebergs to rise the sea levels so that Manhattan floods and the coastline of America goes underwater? Hmm? read more…

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