April Swindle

Lunch Break: Dogs Never Forget

2010 December 11

A soldier returns home after serving in Afghanistan to a dog that missed him deeply. Very touching.

Lunch Break: Patty Cake!

2010 December 4

Lunch Break: My Little Pony

2010 November 9

Very clever work by Finnish artist Mari Kasurinen.

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Lunch Break: Disney Remixed

2010 November 6

Lunch Break: Animated Art

2010 October 23

A favorite artist of mine Terry Border uses everyday household objects to create works of art fully animated.

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Lunch Break: Unconditional Love

2010 October 4

Meet our Siberian Husky puppy Maura speaking from the heart.

Lunch Break: I Spy With My Little Eye…

2010 October 1

Lunch Break: All Music Videos Should Be This Good

2010 September 20

Hat tip to Jonah Goldberg.

Lunch Break:Drive Safely!!

2010 August 30

I just moved to California from Indiana and I must comment on the horribly rushed and sometimes rude driving here. It’s more noticible here than Indiana but it’s really everywhere. Please, PLEASE wake up and drive safer. Your life and others are involved.

Unsafe Driving VideoClick here for more home videos

Lunch Break: My Heart

2010 August 19

This is what my heart looks like on the inside.

Lunch Break: Too Late to Apologize, A Declaration

2010 May 13

Lunch Break: Awwwww Yeah! The Amazing Beatboxing Dog!

2010 May 10

Barkin it old school!

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