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“Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”—Whose Morale-ity Will Win?

2010 February 3

My maternal grandfather and my father both had something to hide. One made it into military service, the other didn’t.

Growing up as a poor boy in the country my grandfather was a crack-shot and, like most in his generation was eager to serve his country. He slipped through the medical exams and the eye tests. In many ways he was an ideal soldier, except one little thing—he was missing his first two fingers.

His sharp shooting skills concealed it on the range, and stuffed gloves did the trick in formation. When he went to sign on the dotted line, it became obvious to the officer witnessing his signature. A childhood accident ended his military career before it began. read more…

Wall Street: Free Market or the Next Slaughter House?

2010 February 1

Greed, according to the New Leftist “morality” handbook, is the only sin deserving of the death penalty. Wall Street, they would have us believe, is unrepentant and has demonstrated its depravity repeatedly.  According to Americans United for Change (AUC), now it’s time for the “pigs” on Wall Street to be penned, branded and neutered by congress.

The Huffington Post reports that a new effort is underway to help the White House change its course from Obama Care, and try to redirect the country’s anger elsewhere, preferably at the banks. The AUC, has launched a new commercial, which dangles a “five figure” price tag of its own,  in an attempt to demonizes the big banks. It cites  “greed” as their unforgivable sin and  pins the economy failures and job losses squarely on  Wall Street .

“When big banks went hog wild on Wall Street they left behind one fine mess on Main Street.”

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Tea Party Nation Announces Surprise Live Webcast and Broadcast of Event for Their Grassroots

2010 February 1

The Tea Party Nation announced tonight that it will host a live broadcast of the opening of the National Tea Party Convention, keynote speeches and Sarah Palin’s address.

In order to enable millions of Tea Party activists who could not be in attendance, the National Tea Party Convention is working with PJTV, FOX News, CNN and Reuters TV in a combined effort to bring this historic event to the grassroots. read more…

Controversial Super Bowl Ad—O’Reilly asks, “Are You Offended Tim Tebow is Alive?”

2010 January 29

When your child is handed a death sentence by a doctor and the family is forced to make decisions about the future, without the help of a crystal ball, nothing is more personal or traumatic.

Several years ago I received a phone call from my close friend Julie, who was in just such a position. She was heart broken, sobbing and desperate. Through tears she explained how she had just returned from a doctor’s appointment. The doctor informed Julie that her baby had Trisomy 13, a defect that would leave the baby so badly deformed he would not survive birth, and if he did, he would not live but a few hours longer. The financial and emotional toll on the family, he warned,  would be devastating. There was obviously only one answer: abort the baby as soon as possible.

Due to the “complication” of being a few months into the pregnancy, the doctor offered to take Julie out of state to have the abortion.

Tim Tebow, a Quarterback for the University of Florida and his mother, have their own story to tell, and they want to tell it on Super Bowl Sunday. Although no one has  seen the ad, opponents are saying it threatens the reproductive rights of American women.

Bill O’Reilly had Jehmu Greene, President of the Women’s Media Center on The O’Reilly Factor to defend the  “choice” of abortion which, she saw as clearly being threatened by the upcoming Super Bowl ad.

I say, the ad will shed new light on what it means to have the right to “choose.”

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Chris Matthews: “I Forgot He Was Black Tonight”

2010 January 27

Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC’s Hardball can get a little too excited over President Obama sometimes.  Tonight’s State of the Union was obviously one of those times.

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HuffPo: They Stole Our Message, Used it Against Us

2010 January 27

As hope trickles out of the “Progressive Movement” their anticipation of tonight’s State of the Union has been marinating in fear. The Left desperately wants Obama to see the error of his ways and return to his roots, but deep down, they are realizing he’s really just another Chicago politician, and tonight they’re afraid he’ll prove it.

At the same time, Democrats are more concerned about fixing their own crisis. Celinda Lake, a Democratic Pollster for the Coakley campaign has joined the chorus of  Huffington Post bloggers offering Obama their advice on tonight’s address.

Drawing from the lessons she learned from the beating in Massachusetts, Lake says Scott Brown won on the democrat’s message of change–and they want it back.

Brown’s advice to Obama,

“It’s the economy, moron!”

True, but Obama has redefined “change” and they’re not getting it.

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Obama Promises to Not Stop Fighting…You?

2010 January 25

The Massachusetts massacre has obviously rattled President Obama more than he cares to admit. Judging by his Ohio speech, the loss of the “Kennedy seat” has spun him around so hard, its thrown him backwards into campaign mode, which seems to be amusing even his faithful servant, Chris Matthews.

The host of MSNBC’s Hardball remarked little about the speech, other than pointing out that the president used the word fight, or a variation thereof 14 times. In a montage clip that looked like it could have been put together for the Glenn Beck show, Matthews highlights Obama vowing to fight.

“I won’t stop fighting for an economy where hard work is rewarded.”

“I’m not going to stop fighting until we have jobs.”

“I won’t stop fighting to open up government.”

“I won’t stop fighting for you.”

 While Matthews considered it “telling” I wondered, just who is he actually fighting? Then it hit me.

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Why We Can’t Negotiate With Children or the Leftists in Washington

2010 January 22

Follow the Left and soon America will have a toothless smile.

One of the common misconceptions parents hold today is the notion that they can reason with a child to convince him to obey or do what’s right. To use the politically correct terminology is “make good choices.”

This approach is based on the false premise that children have adult reasoning skills. In theory, it sounds like an enlightened form of parenting, but in reality, it plays out something like this:

“Johnny, it’s time to brush your teeth.”

“But I don’t want to brush my teeth”

“You have to, because if you don’t, all your teeth will fall out.”

Johnny nods, then smiles, walks away and says to himself, “Cool. Then I’d never have to brush my teeth!”

The inability to identify the real problem, and a short-sighted reasoning ability, with no regards to the long term consequences is the hallmark of childlike reasoning; as is the leftists currently in Washington.

Almost daily, we can see this play out on MSNBC’s Hardball with host Chris Matthews. Believing they are enlightened, it plays out like this:

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The End of the Obama Mystique

2010 January 22

By J.R. Dunn

It’s been a few years since the release of The 13th Warrior. The film was that rarity, an intelligent actioner. Adapted from Michael Crichton’s novel Eaters of the Dead, it was a retelling, and rationalization, of the ancient Beowulf legend.\

In Crichton’s version, the monsters of legend comprise a tribe of human cannibals preying on Viking settlements. The story is told through the eyes of an educated Arab visitor driven to the far north by circumstances. He witnesses an attack by the cannibals in which the Vikings panic and run for it, sustaining heavy casualties in the process. But then, with the assistance of their Arab visitor, the Vikings begin to analyze the behavior of their enemy, piercing through the supernatural aura to the actuality within, learning their enemy’s weaknesses and the means of capitalizing on them. The Viking defense improves and becomes formidable. At last they assault the cannibal stronghold itself, where Beowulf confronts and destroys their unsavory queen-goddess, losing his life in the process.

The film is an examination of the power of intellectual analysis. Utilizing their brains, along with their swords, the Vikings pierce the mystique of the cannibals, seeing them no longer as demons erupted from Hell but merely as men whose mother goddess dresses them funny. From that point on, it’s only a matter of time, effort, and tactics.
The same process has occurred many times in history. In 1814, somebody — it’s unclear who — persuaded the Allies that the smart move was to stop chasing Napoleon from battlefield to battlefield and instead to march directly on Paris and deprive him of his power base. That did the trick — with his mystique as the Unconquered Conqueror punctured, Napoleon was soon without an army and within weeks in Elba, playing solitaire and planning his big comeback.
To read the war reports and commentary of 1942 is to step into an alternate universe. People really expected the Japanese Imperial Navy to sail over the horizon any minute. Predictions were made for the loss of Alaska, attacks on the West Coast, an invasion of the Pacific Northwest, the utter destruction of the Panama Canal. None of it happened, of course, and the legend of the Japanese superman died at last in the hard fighting at Midway and Guadalcanal, and was never regained.
We saw it again this Tuesday in Massachusetts. In a nearly unimaginable upset, a seat that “belonged” to the Democrats in a state “owned” by extreme liberals was taken by an underdog Republican candidate. Scott Brown’s victory over Marsha, Marcia, Ms. Coakley was substantial – 52% to 47%, with the balance going to a third-party pest. The results have shaken the political cosmos. It is impossible to see the long-term results at this point.
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Chris Matthews’ Special “Obama’s America 2010 and Beyond” or America in Black and White

2010 January 20

Racism is alive and well in America. The Left keeps that monster well fed, and hidden deep within the closets of the Democratic Party.

On a day when America was supposed to honor the life and dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Chris Matthews and Tom Joyner hosted the MSNBC special Obama’s America 2010 and Beyond. A much more appropriate title would have been America in Black and White–Keep the Dream and Ignore the Reality.

Predictably, rather than focusing on the content of Obama’s character, his agenda and accomplishments the panel tried to breathe life back into racism. read more…

Dems Too High on Their Own Stuff, Couldn’t Read the Writing on the Walls

2010 January 18

Everyone knows the rules of breaking the rules. Little ditties like “Don’t get high on your own supply” and “Don’t believe your own press” remind crooks and cons how to stay off the path of destruction.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, like the drug dealer that got strung out on his own wares, congress was so hooked on its own power and blinded by a perpetual state of denial, that they couldn’t read the writing on the wall—“we don’t like your socialist agenda!”

Yet, still believing their own hype, that Americans wanted government run health care, they couldn’t grasp the fact that it really was average people that showed up at the town hall meetings angry—at them.

Nor could they believe that the Tea Party phenomena was a real grassroots movement, inspired by dissatisfaction in a socialistic congress and the new administration’s leftist agenda.

Robert Kuttner co-editor of The American Prospect, wrote in the Huffington Post yesterday,  “How could the health care issue have turned from a reform that was going to make Barack Obama ten feet tall into a poison pill for Democratic senators?”

The simple answer: It always was a poison pill, coated in leftist lies and the democrats swallowed it.

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Tweet this: Are Americans Judged by Their Character and Not Their Skin Color?

2010 January 18

Join me tonight at 10:00 pm ET on Twitter, as we watch Chris Matthews in a town hall style meeting as he asks the question, “Are Americans judged by their character and not their skin color?”

Chris Matthews, the host of MSNBC’s Hardball, announced at the beginning of the Obama presidency that he saw it as his job, as a journalist, to see that “this president” succeeded. Tonight on the MSNBC Special “Obama’s America 2010 and Beyond” Matthews plays the race card at a time when a real referendum on the issues are about to be played out in MA.

What do you think? Is it Obama’s skin color? Or is it his character, Chicago politics and Leftist agenda that forms American’s opinion?

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