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Save a School–Fire a Teacher? Part 1

2010 March 4

It was 1987, and there I sat, with my son’s teacher, the principal, and a social worker. We were all sitting in chairs designed for third grade bottoms, shuffling papers, and discussing “my son’s” academic failures. I was quickly getting the impression that I had missed the first meeting; the one where all of the decisions had actually been made. This meeting with me was obviously a mere formality.

“Mrs. Robinson, I have really enjoyed having your son in my class,” the teacher explained, “but he didn’t learn anything this year…”

At that moment, their voices began to fade into background chatter, as my mind began to race. Their written plans and stated goals meant nothing, after five years (including kindergarten and a repeat of second grade) this small army of educators had failed to teach him to read and do basic math. All I knew was that, I had to succeed where they had failed.

What I didn’t know then, was that I had history on my side. I was taking back what was rightfully mine; the right and responsibility to educate my child.

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New “HuffPost Religion” Launched For The “Sane” America

2010 February 25

One of my fondest childhood memories of my father, was that he was dashingly handsome. He was a classic man of his day; a cigarette in one hand, a martini in the other, and a smile that would have earned him a place in the “Rat-Pack”.

I remember distinctly, sitting in the chair in his salon, talking to a friend that had stopped by to chat. We talked about all the things that interested us he stood quietly behind me rolling my hair up in colored perm curlers.

When she left, he looked up from his work and spoke directly into the mirror in front of us, and stated:

“Rhonda, there are things one does not discuss in public…you two managed to cover every one of the them.”

He was appalled that we would openly discuss issues, let alone politics in such a public place. To him, his salon was a place for light, polite conversation and friendly gossip. Not only did our discussion violate his sense of propriety; it did not jive with the atmosphere.

Interesting how times have changed, isn’t it? The internet allows us to speak privately from our own computer, and be heard publicly. My dad’s lecture came to mind today when The Huffington Post announced that they are adding a “HuffPost Religion” section for the “Religious (and sane) America.” read more…

School-Issued Laptops: Over-Reaching Arm Into Your Home Or Prying Eye Into Your Child’s Bedroom

2010 February 22

The dream of most schools, to be able to issue laptops to every student, has become a disturbing nightmare for thousands of parents and students in one of the wealthiest public school districts in the nation.

When more than 2,000 Apple MacBook laptops were distributed to the students in a Pennsylvania High School, parents were not advised that school administrators had installed spy-ware technology. This technology enabled school officials to activate the laptop’s webcam and peer into the homes of their students, and evidence is mounting that they often did.

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The Rare Sightings of Tipper Gore

2010 February 19

Catching a glimpse of Tipper Gore these days is about as rare as seeing a family of polar bears frolic in the Arctic. Unless of course, you’re a deadhead in DC. No, not the ones in the White House, those who attend Grateful Dead concerts. If so, you might have caught the performance of the former second lady alongside Micky Hart, as she came on stage and finished up the main set.

Other than surprise appearances at rock concerts, Tipper seems to have taken a lower public profile than her husband, former Vice President Al Gore. Unlike her husband, we don’t hear of her on any major crusades of her own, like those she led in the eighties. In those days, she gathered a coalition of congressional wives and took on the likes of Frank Zappa, and Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider, in an attempt to save children from their unsavory lyrics. She ended up as a co-founder of the Parent’s Music Resource Center.

If you’ve been wondering what she’s been up to lately;  she’s still championing a cause. But it looks like she’s letting Al take on global warming and the “plight” of the polar bears, while she’s confronting something that actually exists.

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Comment: “So if everyone had the right values, all the population would have jobs at 40, 000 per year and there would be no poverty?”

2010 February 17

Hip-Shot Comments Never Hit the Target

While several comments actually nailed my point better than I did, and I would encourage you to read them, “Don” managed to miss the point of  “HuffPo: Nanny State Saves Poor Children, and Money–The Left’s Morality” entirely. You can read the actual post here.

“So if everyone had the right values, all the population would have jobs at 40, 000 per year and there would be no poverty? Where did poverty come from before there was the left?
It is the same question I can ask about Capitalism, where did poverty come from before Capitalism? You are implying that all poor women are without husbands, that all poor families are criminals and more. read more…

HuffPo: Nanny State Saves Poor Children, and Money–The Left’s Morality

2010 February 16

If you want a good example of job creation by the government, look into the field of Early Childhood Education.

Perennial studies of “poor children” and their achievement gaps, are always cropping up to provide the Left with a bouquet of social programs. Which of course, translates into job security and a moral platform for the Left, but fails to improve the lives of the children they are designed to help.

Another new study is out, which plays right into the leftist agenda of Marian Wright Edelman, President of the Children’s Defense Fund, who uses “at risk” children as her vehicle of choice for social “change”.

Edelman highlights the “need” for early state intervention—beginning at birth, in the Huffington Post.


“…[W]e should acknowledge that if differences economic in development can already be detected as early as nine and 24 months, interventions also need to start as early as infancy. They note research suggests that in addition to children ages three to five, children ages zero to three also need high-quality, comprehensive and continuous interventions.”

Actually, what children need from ages zero to three is good mothering and a father in the home; not state intervention. But then, how could that bring about social change?

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America Remains the Target of Jihad, and the Victim of PC

2010 February 13

John Work’s latest post “America Still Blindfolded By PC As Jihad Rages On” made a lot of good points: Are we at war or not?

It seems to me that if we are at war, or if we are attacked by those who are at war with us, we need to treat these people as prisoners of war. As such, they should have rights only as human beings, but treated as enemies not criminals.

They should not enjoy the rights of American citizens. Rights our sons and daughters put on the line, against the likes of them, for us.

The objective in capturing enemies is to gain as much information from them as possible, to prevent further threats, and eliminate that threat. Period.

The objective in capturing criminals is punishment (or rehabilitation into society if you’re a liberal). How does that apply with enemy combatants?

It doesn’t. By combining the two, we make a mockery of our justice system, and cripple our defenses, all to please the PC gods.

A New View of Marriage: In the Rear-view Mirror

2010 February 13

I thought Suzanne Venker had a great post “A New View of Marriage.”

My husband Mike and I have been married for 33 years. I was 16, he was 18. When we were told that we were too young to get married we said, that’s the way we wanted it. We wanted to “grow up” together. The only problem was that we were too young to understand what that really meant.

We have had plenty of reasons, and hardships that most would consider good reasons to call it quits. But the truth is, that, in working through the very toughest of times and when you get to the other side of those times, that’s where the real, lasting deep love turns into what you always thought love could be. Too many people rob themselves of what they could have, chasing something they think is love.

Now, for my disclaimer: I know there are good reasons for divorce, I’m not saying anyone should stay at all costs. That is an individual decision. I can only speak for myself. And I’m glad we worked hard, and are enjoying our marriage now more than ever.

Chris Matthews May Have Accidentally Said Something Smart

2010 February 12

Every mother has at least one story of a child that says something embarrassingly truthful; unexpectedly exposing a family secret. After the initial redness fades, it usually falls into the family memory bank; to be later withdrawn at family gatherings.

When a politician does it, it’s called a gaffe. Although the redness doesn’t usually appear until it comes out on YouTube.

When Chris Matthews, accidentally says something embarrassingly truthful, it is a rarity that should certainly be acknowledged.

That’s what happened when the host of MSNBC’s Hardball, asked Democratic Strategist, Steve McMahon if daring the Republicans to filibuster was a good tactic. They could after all, read the health care bill out loud, for the voters.

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Modesty Or Terrorist Cover-Up? New “Fatwa” Discourages Muslims Going Through Airport Body Scanners

2010 February 12

All who want to go through a full body scan, with some stranger gawking at your worn out birthday suit–raise your hand!

What? No takers? Surely the humiliation we suffered in middle school gym class would have prepared you for full body scans later in life.

You forged a doctor’s excuse? Me too!

Don’t worry, with the help of organizations like Islamic Center of America (ICOA), and CAIR, these scanners will be easier to get around than your old gym teacher.

In direct response to the attempted bombing of an aircraft on Christmas day, by a Muslim from Nigeria, 450 scanners are reportedly due to be installed in American airports. Nonetheless, Muslims believe they should be exempt.

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Megan McCain:“I’m Sorry Revolutions Start With Young People”

2010 February 10

As the Left wing media extols Megan McCain as a voice of reason within the Republican Party, Conservatives would do well to recognize she is a good example of  the “Progressive” problem within the GOP, as she helps them define the issues.

Megan McCain:

“People were saying that this was a new movement in the Republican Party…I knew I didn’t want to go…I have different ideological differences than them but, Congressman Tom Tancredo went on TV, and he was the first opening speaker and he said, ‘People who could not even spell the word vote, or say it in English put a committed socialist ideologue in the White House and his name is Barack Hussein Obama

Ignoring her ignorance of the foundations of the movement for now, it’s time to point out that she is carrying the progressive flag into the arena, with her battle cry of “Racism” which the left wing has been flapping about ever since.

Shows like MSNBC’s Hardball, with Chris Matthews used her statement as a platform to paint the Tea Party participants, once again, as racists and anti-Muslim.

What Ms. McCain, fails to see is that a Republic must have an educated voting populace to thrive. While she and her “Progressive” allies rattle on about racism, the reality is that an ignorant voting population of any kind is a willing pawn, easily moved and discarded for an oppressive Democracy.

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John Edwards’ Confidente is a “Rat-Fink”

2010 February 5

Leg Thrills and Spine Chills With Chris Matthews, Part 6 ♦

A typical pet-peeve of parents: kids that tattle. Not me, I love a tattle-tale. Every family needs at least one good informant. We were lucky enough to have a good ratio, three out of nine.

Granted there are kids that will tattle just for spite, but then there are those kids that just have an acute sense of right and wrong. When the household rules are broken, life has no harmony; justice must prevail. They go to the authority they know.

I’ve met parents, who when their child came running in to report a crime, they scolded the messenger for tattling, and the perpetrator went unpunished.

We are always teaching our children. The lesson learned here: being a rat is far worse than then any crime. That’s a lesson Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC’s Hardball obviously learned early and well. Watch him as he reverts back to his playground bully days.

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