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Do Women Bloggers Have the Prowess of Men?

2010 March 31

“Guys seek thrills and speed. They go for the adrenalin rush. They get pumped by going higher, faster, farther than anyone else. They want lots of action and instant gratification. That’s also why guys like blogging – instant opinions, and lots of them. Men clearly have an urge to blog that women lack. Like extreme snowmobiling, the blogosphere is dominated by men.”

So says Margaret Wente.

Seriously? Wente also considers the political blogosphere nothing more than a “peeing contest.” Which is why, she contends, that women don’t do well at blogging—because we don’t engage in peeing contests, nor are we interested in public displays of prowess. Besides, we are just as interested in listening as talking, more about relationships than scoring points, and we lack the public confidence that comes “so easily to many men.”

Again, seriously? While I can imagine she is describing some men, I don’t see her description of blogging or women bloggers as accurate.

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Alan Grayson’s Pathetic Attempt at Fund Raising: Names His Straw Man George W. Bush

2010 March 29

We have all heard of children with imaginary friends. Here’s a new one, how about a congressman with imaginary enemies?

In a laughable attempt at fund raising, Alan Grayson the Florida Democrat that put himself on the national radar screen with asinine statements like, “Republicans want you to die quick” has posted a mock video of a bumbling George W. Bush on The Huffington Post, mispronouncing and making up words as he claims to be going after Grayson. Grayson wants you to believe it’s because he has courage.

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The Biggest Bullies Always Cry the Loudest

2010 March 27

When I was young, I was prone to yelling when I was angry. As time went on, I learned to temper my voice into what, in our family, is known as an “impassioned plea”; which is the level of intensity our teenagers may respectfully use to state their case.

As my blond hair has turned to platinum (alright gray) real anger is rare. However, it is now marked by silent reserve, as I pull in and consider the situation –and my response.

Wise parents learn to delay their anger when dealing with quarreling siblings, as the situation is seldom as it seems. For example; the child screaming the loudest at the scene of the crime, can actually be suffering from the consequences of his own actions-rather than being the victim he would like his parents to believe him to be.

Even a child knows, as a victim, he automatically gains the moral high ground, and garnishes the power of justice to his side. It’s also the tactical defense of bullies and the emotionally stunted Left. From professional victim “Rev.” Jesse Jackson, to the White House chihuahua, Chris Matthews, leftists have been whining all week long. read more…

HuffPo Columnist Calls For an End to Right-Wing Terrorism and an Apology to Napolitano

2010 March 24

For almost a decade I worked in a domestic violence shelter. I sat with women who were shaking, bruised and ashamed. They were in utter shock and disbelief at the violence that had just occurred. The names of the people in each woman’s story were different but the story lines were remarkably the same.

Police responding to domestic violence calls can tell a similar story. Often times, the officer responding to a call finds a calm man sitting on the front porch steps, smoking a cigarette, quietly waiting for the police to arrive. He greets the officers, and coolly explains to them that his wife is inside, ranting and raving. “She’s crazy, out of her mind. I don’t know what her problem is.”

Her problem is she has just realized what has happened to her.

In much the same way, as Americans try to grasp what just hit them, the  hateful Left, are sitting on their lofty perches, telling the story of how the crazy, violent right-wingers are nothing less than terrorists, as they voice their anger over the health care take over:

“The far-right is out of its mind… There’s no way to shove it all back into its crazy bottle.”

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Could ObamaCare Fundamentally Change the American Family?

2010 March 22

So, now we know that the Obama campaign strategy was actually based on that “ice breaker” game of “Tell Two Lies and a Truth.” In this game, usually reserved for youth meetings, the other players have to sort out the truth from the lies.

In a campground setting, we get to find out an interesting tidbit or two about a new friend in an entertaining way. Until now, few people realized how high the stakes actually were, to play such a game in an election. All the lies, Obama supporters believed, pale in comparison to the truth those of us who opposed him, didn’t believe—that he would fundamentally change America.

On the eve of the vote, Robert Reich, wrote in the Huffington Post, a column in which he proposed the real impact of the health care legislation won’t be felt by most Americans. Rather, its real significance is its impact in the political future. What leftists like Reich could care less about, and most Americans fail to realize, is that government run health care could also fundamentally change the face of the American family.

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Killing Osama bin Laden: Assassination, War Casualty or Criminal?

2010 March 19

Thou shalt not kill. That is not only one of the Ten Commandments; it is central to any civil society. Politicians and pundits alike are quick to say that we live under the rule of law.

Everyone can agree on those two points, at least on the surface. It’s defining what that means where the differences lay. It’s becoming quite obvious that the leftist idea of justice is not the same as mainstream America. There are a lot of mixed messages on what “the rule of law” means, and how it applies in war time.

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Does Free Speech Trump the Right to Privacy? Phelps’ Putrid Protests of Soldier’s Funeral Goes to the Supreme Court

2010 March 17

When we lost our 13 year old son in a car accident, we clung to our Christian faith. We were held up by those that loved us. When we stumbled in our sorrow, we borrowed the faith of others, and managed to get up again.

On the way to the cemetery, with the procession behind us, I saw a line of cars that stretched over two miles, winding through the country roads; the outpouring of our community helped us to face the unthinkable.

That’s what we do. We comfort those who grieve. Not just Christians, but humanity. Unless of course, you’re the Rev. Fred Phelps of the Westboro “Baptist” Church (of Damnation). A man whose mission field is to travel hundreds of miles just to pour salt into the wounds of grieving families, by protesting the funerals of their sons and daughters– our fallen soldiers.

Now he is on his way to the Supreme Court. His daughter, a licensed attorney, is expected to argue the case. Will this venom spewing snake argue in defense of our First Amendment rights?

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Bill Maher’s HuffPo Column: “Firing All the Teachers May Feel Good–We’re Americans, Kicking People When They’re Down is What We do”

2010 March 16

Not long ago I wrote “Save a School-Fire a Teacher?” about a failing school district that fired all of its teachers in response to the outrageous demands from the teacher’s union.

Bill Maher has a different take on the situation. Maher writes in the Huffington Post:

“Fire the bad teachers, hire good ones from some undisclosed location, and hey, while we’re at it let’s cut taxes more. It’s the kind of comprehensive educational solution that could only come from a completely ignorant people.”

While completely ignoring the actual facts of the issue, Maher just makes up his own:

 “According to all the studies, it doesn’t matter what teachers do.”

Reading his column is like trying to pick up a coin that just fell into a public toilet; one has to really consider if that little bit is actually worth it.

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If the Left Ends Bass Fishing-Where Will We Send Dan Rather?

2010 March 15

The commenting section of  Dan Rather Stumbles, Chris Matthews Fumbles Over Watermelons and Racism,” spawned an insightful exchange worth highlighting.

Jeff Williams on Rather:

At some point you must hang it up and just go fishing. Dan is waaaaay past that point…He has no credibility or value to the majority. The left keep parading him out to attempt an appeal to those who once depended on broadcast network news for their information. Dan’s days of influence are over. He should stop embarrassing himself and go catch some bass.

To which Shoshanna agreed: read more…

Dan Rather Stumbles, Chris Matthews Fumbles Over Watermelons and Racism

2010 March 12

I’m not a slapstick fan. Honestly, much to my family’s dismay, I really don’t care to watch “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” Where, I would venture to guess, most of the action is preceded by the phrase, “Hey, hold my beer—an’ watch this…”

Although, I did find it slightly amusing and very telling, to watch Chris Matthews on his Sunday talk show, dive in after Dan Rather in an attempt to save the fallen news icon, from shooting himself in the foot.

Unfortunately for Rather, this is the age of the new media, and making a fool of yourself is highly entertaining to some. Plus we now have the thought police, and they will tweet your name into utter shame for any perceived utterances of racism.

Rather, who once tried to damage former President George W. Bush with forged documents and a misleading “news” story, has found himself having to write “I am not a racist” on the Huffington Post wall of atonement.

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Old Hippies Never Die—They Just Continue to Cause a Stink in Washington

2010 March 9

The generation that burned their bras, fried their brains on acid, and brought you the sexually transmitted revolution, has at last outgrown slinging feces at returning war heroes and have found a new cause to “risk jail” for—socialized medicine.

John Cavanagh, Director of the Institute for Policy Studies, wrote a column yesterday in the Huffington Post titled “Why I’m Breaking the Law For Health Care.

Cavanagh writes:

“I will join dozens of leaders of unions and other public interest organizations and thousands of others to protest the major lobby that is blocking real health care reform in Congress…That dozens of leaders would risk arrest in confronting the corporations that stand squarely in the way of fundamental change represents a new moment for our social movements.”

New moment? Seriously? While I don’t doubt that the prospect of taking to the streets, confronting the establishment all while risking jail sounds like the glory days these “leaders” comprised of radicals and union thugs, is anything but new. As for what truly stands in the way of “fundamental change” it’s not the evil corporate empire of insurance companies. It’s the majority of Americans. Who by the way, don’t buy the line that our free market system, nor its CEOs by virtue of their salaries, are criminals.

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Save a School–Fire a Teacher? Part 2

2010 March 5

If you missed part one, you can catch up here.

When Central Falls, a “persistently low performing” High School in Rhode Island fired 74 teachers along with other union members, the teachers’ union called the action:

“Immoral, illegal, unjust, irresponsible disgraceful, and disrespectful.”

No, what is immoral, illegal, unjust, irresponsible and disgraceful is to promote a radical agenda that is more concerned about a child’s “self-esteem” than their mathematical ability.

American students fall far behind the rest of the world in academic achievement, but score high on self-esteem. On the world stage, we must look like the academic equivalent to the poor talentless souls that show up on American Idol.

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