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Marxist Preacher on the BP Oil Spill: “It’s a Religious Issue”

2010 May 26

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who worship the Creator and those who worship the creation.

Those who worship the Creator were charged with working the land and caring for it. But alas, these words of old have been long forgotten.

The Creation worshipers began to create laws, and more laws, and still more laws, until one day a father could no longer take his son fishing on a Sunday afternoon—without a permit. A man could not hunt on his own land—without a license.

While we were sleeping a new morality and a new “Christianity” has emerged—and with the BP oil spill—they have a new crisis to implement it.

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Read My Lips: Christianity Does Not Teach Socialism

2010 May 15

Hearing loss runs in our family. Two of my children, and three grandchildren have losses that range from a moderate loss to profoundly deaf. My oldest son has a “severe-moderate” loss, and learned to read lips early. You might be surprised to know that none of them consider themselves handicapped.

My oldest, as I mentioned, Chris, also learned early on that lip reading gave him an unique advantage in some situations—like the football field. He would look across the field and read the other coach’s lips, or who ever was calling the plays, then relay the information to his teammates.

Knowing the plays gave his team a, perhaps unfair, but clear advantage.

When you know the Left’s playbook, their tactics become obvious. When I read the HuffoPo piece “Sarah Palin Must Also Favor ‘Spreading the Wealth Around’” by Jonathan Weiler, it was like reading his lips in a huddle. “OK boys, Alinsky rule #4, ‘Make opponents live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity’.”

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Obama Calls Brad Paisley- Tell Nashville FEMA is Here!

2010 May 12

And we thought the president didn’t care about Nashville and the Middle Tennessee flood! That he didn’t call. He didn’t care about the people that died sitting in traffic, the people that drowned in their own homes, or the families looking for missing loved ones. He didn’t consider another billion dollars’ worth of damage to merit his time.

Well, it looks like we were all wrong. He called Brad Paisley. The president wanted us to know, that is was important to understand FEMA is here.

That’s how it should be. The people, churches, and charities working together in a community, showing this administration the American way, with the presence of the government as audible as an AT&T cellphone call.

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Left Creates New Class of Victims, Illegal Aliens, While Real Victims Are Smeared as Racists

2010 May 8

People often say there is nothing worse than losing a child. Yes there is. Losing a child is only the beginning of the grief. How that child died is the other half. That knowledge will either bring a modicum of comfort, or intensify the pain.

While the Left uses their usual tactics to muster feelings of public outrage, pity, and defiance for their new class of victims—illegal immigrants in Arizona—the Shaw family is still mourning the death of their son, a real victim of illegal immigration. read more…

Rush Limbaugh Reads NRB Post On Air

2010 May 7

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh read yesterday’s post “The Worst Disaster Since the Civil War But Not as News Worthy as an Oil Spill” on air today.

If having Rush quote you isn’t honor enough, he actually took the time to read the entire post. To top it off, he expanded on the subject, and in his usual style, said out loud what most of us were thinking.

That’s exactly right. She’s exactly right. It’s what Obama’s doing with the oil spill. Whatever catastrophe there is, “We need a bigger government! I need more power,” Obama says. “If I had more power and bigger government, this would not have happened.” read more…

The Worst Disaster Since the Civil War But Not as News Worthy as an Oil Spill

2010 May 5

Cars, Trucks and Buildings floating down Nashville highway 24

While Katie Couric and Michael Bloomberg were surmising that Tea Party Patriots were behind the failed New York bombing, Nashville was waking up to the aftermath of the area’s largest rainfall in 500 years.

The storms began rolling in Saturday afternoon as I watched the radar. By early evening, I was glued to the local news. People were fleeing their cars, as they began to float. A Christian school building was swept away and joined cars and trucks drifting down highway 24.

The damage is devastating, the cost is in the billions; thousands have lost everything, but is it news worthy? Not really, not to the extent it deserves. Some are asking why, but some of us believe the answer is obvious.

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The Vaccine “War” or Potential Vaccine-gate?

2010 May 2

The vaccine-autism controversy is, and should be, an issue of concern to all parents. When you consider that most vaccines are compulsory, the current autism rate, and our uncertain future in hands of ObamaCare, how this controversy plays out should be of concern to all of us.

As I sifted through the numerous opinions on the subject, I noticed a familiar pattern begin to emerge. Buried under the actual controversy are claims that the opposing views are being censored, grants being denied, and professional reputations are being smeared if not destroyed.

It seems as though I’ve heard those claims before.

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New Study Adds More Speculation and Controversy to the Autism and Vaccines Debate

2010 April 29

Pop quiz: What does the Amish population in Lancaster County, Pa. and the diverse populations in Chicago’s Cook County, IL have in common? Answer: They both have thousands of children who have never been vaccinated, and don’t have autism.

For years parents have voiced their concerns over the rise in autism and a suspected link to childhood vaccines. In spite of assurances that there are no “credible connections” between autism and vaccinations, many parents have not been convinced, and refuse to immunize their children.

A new study from the Environmental Protection Agency has led pro-life advocates to the conclusion that the vaccines made from aborted babies could be the key that connects the vaccines to autism. The researchers have been quick to point out that is not their conclusion and reject the theory. As the controversy heats up, it leaves parents to wonder what is considered “credible evidence.”

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Jillian Michaels Could Turn Out to be the Biggest Loser of All

2010 April 22

Jillian Michaels "I'm going to adopt. I can't handle doing that to my body."

Alright, so I admit it, I enjoy watching the “Biggest Loser” now and then. At first I was put off by the title, but after watching it, it really seemed to change lives—who can argue with that right?

After reading a short piece in The Huffington Post about an interview with one of their star trainers, Jillian Michaels, I couldn’t help but drop my jaw when she revealed more than skin.

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Chris Matthews’ Leg Thrills and Spine Chills: “Stalin-Like Purges Now Underway” in the GOP

2010 April 20

It shouldn’t surprise me that Joseph Stalin made the cover of Time as “Man of the Year” in 1939 and then again in 1942. Nor should it surprise anyone that Chris Matthews, the host of MSNBC’s Hardball, likened the Republican’s current spring house cleaning to a “Stalin-like purge.”

Granted, the thoughts that swirl around in Matthews’ head often fall out of his mouth in form of words dripping with absurdity, and I know it’s hard to take him seriously most of the time. Nonetheless, if we look just a wee-bit closer to what he’s saying, he reveals the leftist mentality on the current GOP situation.

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Leg Thrills and Spine Chills: Chris Matthews’ Glass House Regime

2010 April 7

The old saying “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks” may be a self-evident truth to most of us, but this one is lost on Chris Matthews, the self-appointed guardian of all things Obama, and host of MSNBC’s Hardball.

Matthews recently caught the attention of conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh. (After one of Matthews’ typical tirades he called Limbaugh an underwater walrus.) The third grade comment was not what got Rush’s attention. Granted the rant was directed at him, it was over his use of the word “regime.”

In predictable form, Matthews completely ignored the substance of what Rush had said, and instead of engaging in real debate, he put on his offended face and powdered his nose with self-righteous indignation–claiming the use of the word “regime” when referring to an American President, was unacceptable–and it must stop.

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HuffPo Column: Obama Holds a “Biblical Vision” of Governance?

2010 April 3

From almost the moment Barack Obama stepped onto the national political stage, the Left saw the glow of the spotlight and thought it was his halo.

While extolling the “virtues” of the president, and the goals of his administration, Obery M. Hendricks Jr., PhD, convolutes Christianity in his Huffington Post column.

Hendricks writes:

“I noted the progressive political positions he had taken, the compassionate policies he proposed and supported as a state and national lawmaker. I listened to the content of his pronouncements and read the ethical vision underlying his words.”

“Barack Obama is a man of deep faith who is fundamentally committed to building a more just, more equitable, more abundant and more morally healthy nation for all Americans.”

Hendricks goes on to quote Luke 4:18-19

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