Alan Wellikoff

When Human Shields Die

2011 March 24

When it comes to shields, nothing protects despots from democrats as effectively as the profusely-sweating human variety. The reason is obvious: democrats by definition believe in the sanctity of human life, while despots generally get where they are by mowing down all those who stand in their way.

They also like to place in their way all those who can come between them and enemy fire.

Thus, the use of non-combatants as shields in many countries that (in keeping with Tom Friedman’s unreliable panacea) don’t have Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises, becomes an effective weapon in the cause of inhibiting the ability to wage war by their democratic opposites – or those with ready access to the Colonel’s New $5 Everyday Meals.

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It’s a Small Yet Occupied Territory: Conan’s Monologue Meets “Palestinian” Narrative

2011 January 21

I was in the next room while my girlfriend was watching Conan deliver his TV monologue Wednesday night. It was during this when I heard the comic announce that Disney was to build one of its theme parks in Israel.

I paused for the punch-line as it hung in mid-air. When it came, it sounded something like “one of [the Israeli Disney park’s] attractions will be a boat ride called ‘Hit a Small Yet Occupied Territory.” That didn’t sound quite right – so I figured that whether the joke was righteous or wrong, spoken in rectitude or dhimmitude, I must’ve heard it incorrectly. read more…

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