Adrian MacNair

ACORN Nut Sues The Whistleblowers

2010 January 22

Katherine Conway-Russell, ACORN Director in Philadelphia [Capture from Giles/O’Keefe video]

Imagine if two police officers went undercover in order to infiltrate a ruthless Hispanic gang responsible for smuggling child sex slaves into the country. Now imagine that these police officers not only got evidence of conspiracy to commit said smuggling of child sex slavery, but they got it on tape for the world to see. In a major crime bust, the police swoop in and drag the entire gang into lockup as the media lauds the crackdown of the sex slave ring. The police are commended and awarded with merit and toasted by law enforcement.

Now imagine that these child sex slave trafficking lowlifes, after lengthy consultations with their blood-sucking predatory lawyers, descend on these honorable officers and sue them for defamation of character and the dissemination of illegally obtained recordings in a manner calculated to harm and injure. Sound impossible? Unrealistic? A bad episode of Law and Order? read more…

Where Are The Stories On What Pakistanis Actually Think About Drone Attacks?

2010 January 3

The New York Times ran a short piece yesterday via Reuters news service which indicated that U.S. drone attacks in Afpak [Afghanistan and the Pakistani border] are “undermining efforts to deal with militancy.” A drone aircraft was reported to have killed 3 militants in a car traveling in Pakistan’s North Waziristan region. It also mentions that on Thursday another drone attack successfully killed two other militants in the same region.

What is frustrating for many people following the situation in Afpak, is that despite the success of using unmanned aerial drones to locate and eradicate militants, the mainstream media tends to give off the impression that the tactic is a controversial one because of alleged civilian deaths. The end of the Times article states that the U.S. killed 415 people with drones in 2009, many of whom were foreign militants, but that Pakistan is concerned the civilian casualties could inflame public anger and bolster support for the militants and terrorism. Really? Let’s analyze that, shall we? read more…

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