“Was Johnny Cash a Racist, Cop-Killer Apologist Like …

Posted on September 4 2015 8:25 am

Comment posted Was Johnny Cash a Racist, Cop-Killer Apologist Like Common? by Mo.

“Was Johnny Cash a Racist, Cop-Killer Apologist Like Common?”



Recent comments by Mo

  • In the Reagan Mold: 10 Conservative Men in Hollywood
    I sure did see 'Million Dollar Baby' and was horrified at the ending. It's exactly as portrayed here.
  • The New Egypt a Leftist Paradise: Hottie Young Brides in Hijab and the Sanctioned Slaughter of Christians That Marry Muslims
    This is a bit of a side issue, but I wonder if many of these Christians are just culturally so. If someone is a true, biblical follower of Jesus, they would never be marrying a Muslim. The Bible clearly tells Christians that we are not to be yoked together with unbelievers. (2 Corinthians 6:14)

    If Christians would simply follow what their religion teaches in this matter, at least some of these occurrences would be lessened.

  • Illiterate Children Reciting the Koran on Film: The Left Gives a Standing Ovation for Islam
    I did not know about this movie, nor that those on the Left were supporting it.

    This from the same sick, twisted hypocrites who made that film, 'Jesus Camp'. I got 10 minutes into it, realized that they actually had the audacity to compare Christianity with militant Islam, and had to turn it off because I felt sick.

    But this, they cheer? For the life of me, I do not understand these hypocrites.

  • Left-wing Feminists Are Apparently Very Confused About Gender
    What the heck are spirit people?!

    I remember when the headlines read that for the first time in history, a man had given birth. Then I read the story, and it was simply a woman who had convinced herself she's now a man and mutilated her body accordingly.

    These people are deeply confused. They don't need cheering on. They don't need ridicule either. They need serous mental and emotional help. But my just saying that is called hatred.

  • Oprah Winfrey Network Ops For Ratings Rather Than “The One”
    Wow! If she's fallen of the worship-wagon, things are indeed dire!

    Also, some of these comments I had not even heard. How can anyone say such nonsense and believe it?

    Please pity me. I live in the city that inflicted BOTH these fools upon the world. Forgive me! I had nothing to do with it!

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