Excellent David. It's strange that Mrs. Obama …

Posted on April 30 2016 9:10 am
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Comment posted Was Johnny Cash a Racist, Cop-Killer Apologist Like Common? by Lisa Richards.

Excellent David. It's strange that Mrs. Obama would invite a man who opposes interracial marriages when she is marriad to a man who is bi-racial. To invite the man to the White House is truly disgraceful. He has free speach, but please, let's not invite anyone who says what Common says into the House that represents all Americans of all race, color, and gender. Not to mention this guy praises a woman who murdered a police officer and is hiding in Cuba. It's enough Angela Davis is allowed to teach children in CA, but inviting those who praise those who murder to the White House should make us all drop our jaws.

Lisa Richards also commented

  • I own every Johnny Cash record, and I'm still trying to find a racist song. And I think his first wife is Hispanic, so the guy certainly was not racist. I can't say the same for some rappers who oppose marrying outside one's racial ancestry. You can't tell your heart who to fall in love with. Thank goodness, or none of would exist. Good grief, if we all do a DNA test on ourselves, I think we would all be surprised that we all originate from one locale on the planet, thus making us all share some DNA. And we may even find out, oh dear, that we're not all completely Gentile or white or black. Oh my!

Recent comments by Lisa Richards

  • President Obama’s Message To Israel: Go To Hell
    Obama, in his way, did say to Israel, go to hell. Great piece Joseph! Going up on my Facebook. Must be read by all!
  • Sexual Slavery and Jihadist Breeding Camps: Women in the World of Bin Laden
    That's because the left adores Islam. Let's face it, it's carrying out what Hitler did and failed to complete, and, it's been doing it since 700 AD, so it can have the tribal, ancient culture, ancient religious excuse to back it along with the left, who loves anything that helps population control and, if we're brutally honest here–Jew-control. That's the reality, removing Jews. It's disgusting and it is ignored by the media, as is the sexual slavery, breeding murderers, etc. But the left supports it all.
  • Sexual Slavery and Jihadist Breeding Camps: Women in the World of Bin Laden
    Oh we're not surprised by bin Laden's life-style, it's just that the left refuses to admit it took place, because they defend Islam and its various forms of slavery, so we must expose this and the fact that even girls are bred to murder Jews and the West.
  • It’s Easy to Forget Just How Shocking Bosch Fawstin and the Anti-Jihad Message Are for Leftists
    I thank you. You're a teacher to me. I thought I knew a lot about the left until I started reading Mr. Horowitz's books and then your columns and was shocked just how radical the left has become. I thought the 70's were bad, but the new left is growing strong and the con job they push with love and hugs and oh it's all free thought is astonishing.

    Thank you for exposing the lies so that those of us trying to do that, but who were never on the left, have a better understanding as to what this nation is up against.

  • It’s Easy to Forget Just How Shocking Bosch Fawstin and the Anti-Jihad Message Are for Leftists

    This is fabulous as always. As a life-long conservative, you have helped me gain so much insight about the left from you columns. Unless one has been there, one does not truly gain a deep understanding. Thatis why we need you. I'm so glad we all have you to educate us. And this column about Bosch is fantastic! The two of you are so important for helping the rest of us argue with the left and against Islam. You encourage us all to dig deep into books and documents for the truth.

    Keep up the great work! This is going up on my facebook for all to check out Pig Man and the truth.

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