Justifying bad behavior with weak moral equivalence arguments …

Posted on May 1 2016 9:22 pm
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Comment posted on Was Johnny Cash a Racist, Cop-Killer Apologist Like Common? by Tar_n_Feathers

Justifying bad behavior with weak moral equivalence arguments is a game that many children learn to master. Not coincidentally, it is also part of the Left's bag of lame rhetorical tricks.

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    So is this show actually available to the public? I've never seen the network on cable or satellite, and never would have heard of Current TV other than having read about it on NRB. Do you need a HAM radio to get the broadcast? Citizens' Band? Walkie-talkie? Semaphore?
  • “This Makes You as Bad as Bolsheviks!” A Leftist Writer Embarrasses Himself After Being Rejected from Contributing to NewsReal Blog
    A DoD official for 34 years? Scary. The man started out somewhat reasonable, and ended up so childishly naive that most anyone could conclude that intelligent discussion wasn't possible. I guess I should thank you, David, for wasting your time so we wouldn't have to waste ours.
  • Obama’s Speed of Light Incompetence on the Aftermath of OBL’s Death
    The Dems and their media toads have been spinning this every which-way possible because they're unable to get their collective heads around what's actually happened. They keep trying to construct some politically correct narrative that will somehow satisfy the Left, and there's no way to do it. The uncomfortable truth which libs refuse to confront is that if all of this had happened while a Republican was in office, we'd be seeing round-the-clock condemnation of every aspect of the operation. If Obama really had some guts he would have released this simple statement: "We came, we saw, we pulled the trigger." End of discussion.
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    Lendall's unintended moment of irony is rivaled only by his ignorance. His so called French "wealthy arrogant aristocrats" were French lackeys supporting the govt status quo. The revolutionaries in France were fighting against this oppressive govt. system just as America had fought theirs. Leave it to a Leftist to favor the French model over the American one, even if he can't get either one right.
  • What Donald Trump’s Popularity Means for the Rest of the 2012 Field
    I can understand the desperation if not wholly embrace it. But I admit that there's a part of me that is fed up to the max with a namby-pamby GOP seeking good press rather than good leadership. It's enough to cause one to upset the apple cart just to see which way the apples roll.
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