Jews have been on the land longer than …

Posted on April 30 2016 12:59 pm
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Comment posted Violent Jihadists: The Contemporary Left’s Freedom Riders? by aspacia.

Jews have been on the land longer than any Muslim.

aspacia also commented

  • You really should refrain from opening your trap and looking like the ignorant fool you are.
    1. Jews claim the land of Abraham because Abraham said so, and Sarah was his legal wife not Hagar. Islam claims Ishmael is the first born and should inherit; a total contradiction to every tradition of every faith I have delved into. It is the legal offspring who inherit, not the bastards.
    2. To be recognized as Jewish in the Ultra Orthodox sects, decent is matrilineal, from a Jewish mother not father. This is not true on Reform Judaism and some Orthodox sects where a person can convert to Judaism, like Elizabeth Taylor.
    3. Jerusalem is holy to Christians and Jews. It is only claimed as holy in Islam in the form of a land grab because it is not mentioned in any Islamic religious texts.
  • LMFAO.
    First, I am 58 year old, married woman. My significant other is retired and I mouse it around the house so as to not wake him. Secondly, it is 3:30 a.m., and I will be on campus by 6 or 6:10. I frequently work 10-15 hours daily as a high school English teacher. My mother is a 86 widow, who just purchased her fourth computer regardless of the fact she is dying of 4th stage cancer. I traveled quite a bit when younger, but have lost my appetite for it.

    You are making false assumptions along with making an a$$ out of yourself. Do some research for the number of mosques, synagogues and temples in the USA for insight. Of course there are more churches because the USA was founded by Christians.

  • LOL, the West has millions of churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples for the numerous other faiths in this free land.
  • Frankly, Arabs and Jews are both Semitic and the progeny of Abraham. The Jews and Judaism inhabited the land long before the nomadic Arabs or the Muslims.

    Do you know any valid history? Have you taken any formal classes in history? Do you only listen to Arab and liberal propaganda and omissions and lies.

    Muslims have no religious claim to Jerusalem, yet they claim it in the name of faith regardless of the fact Jerusalem is not mentioned in their religious texts.

  • The land was never Arab, it was Turkish, and Jews legally purchased the land. Arabs tend to have violent natures; cartoons set them off on murderous rampages. Every Arab killed by Israel had it coming because they instigated the violence, and like most poor fighters, they target Israeli Jews, especially the children.

    Sharia law imposes dhimmi status and the jitza tax on all nonMuslims, hence Sharia is not just for Muslims. The problem with Sharia is that it is discriminatory and cannot work in a free country. Christians are currently being butchered in Muslim majority countries, especially Egypt. Christians are fleeing the Middle-East in droves because of Muslim intolerance.

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