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How The Left Has Devastated The Black Community [2 Videos]

Posted on May 16 2011 2:39 pm
Sammy Levine is the creator of the pro-Israel website: In the past he has worked for the Dennis Prager Show, and the Leadership Institute. He now works as an Assistant Producer at He can be reached at:
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David Horowitz’s powerful speech at UCLA last week cemented my belief that the black community in America has been devastated by left-wing policies and ideas. Horowitz spoke on a wide variety of issues including Israel, radical indoctrination at the University and the uncivil scare tactics student groups and professors use to silence him (David Swindle wrote this article about the entire event at NRB and Mark Tapson had a write-up here at FPM.) However, the most poignant moment of the night came at the question and answer period, when Horowitz engaged in a dialogue with a couple of black students from the Afrikan Students Union.

In this clip the student asks Horowitz how he can reconcile the dysfunctional school system in the inner city and low quality of life of the black community with his statements that America is the greatest country in the world for blacks.

Horowitz’s response is very illuminating, as he informs the student that to the extent that the black community is deteriorating, it is the fault of Democrats; every major inner-city in America, including Los Angeles, New York, Detroit, Chicago and Philadelphia is exclusively run by the Democratic Party. Furthermore, he states that the Democratic Party is in collusion with the teachers unions, which have run these school districts into the ground. Horowitz explains the indisputable fact that these two entities are largely responsible for the decaying school systems in the black community because they administer these schools as a job program rather than an educational institution, and make it virtually impossible to fire poor teachers.

In the next clip below Mr. Horowitz continues his dialogue with another leftist black student, and explains how a voucher program for all students, wherein power is taken away from the teachers union and competition is introduced, would greatly improve the school system. Horowitz then lets the student know that the only political party proposing these changes is the GOP.

This back and forth between Horowitz and the students touched on the broader theme that conservatives have been emphasizing for years: the left-wing mantra of victimhood that has been ingrained in the black community is a corrosive bigotry that has greatly hindered progress. For years the Left has told black children that America is racist and oppressive. Black children have been told that the system is stacked against them, and that white people are the enemy. Racial hucksters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are the main perpetrators against the black community, but the entire Democratic Party is guilty as well. And of course, who can forget President Obama’s pastor for twenty years, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who constantly proclaimed to his congregants the evil and racism inherent in America:

Think about what this type of rhetoric does to a young child. Imagine you were told your entire life that the country you lived in was intentionally set up so you would fail. Imagine you were told that the majority of the people in your country hated you because of the color of your skin. Imagine how you would react if you were taught that America was an oppressive society, no better than the days of segregation and Jim Crow. Don’t you think this would encourage you to hold your country in contempt? Wouldn’t this type of derisive rhetoric enable you to disrespect your country’s laws and institutions?

Most importantly, this type of victim mentality allows for blacks to not be accountable. It gives them a free pass. The Left sets the bar lower for blacks then for anyone else in society, which is why these ideas are a form of racism. Left wing teachings and values are the perfect recipe for dependence and dereliction. Is it any wonder that so many black communities are rife with poverty and crime?

Dennis Prager captured these sentiment exactly in his book, Think a Second Time, wherein he discussed leftists’ complete lack of moral expectations for blacks during the Los Angeles riots. He writes:

“As I was watching the local NBC television coverage of the rioting, this is the way one reporter described what he saw: ‘Here I am on the corner…and I see five black gentlemen throwing stones at cars.’ I said on my radio show, ‘Can you imagine anybody ever saying, ‘I saw five white gentlemen in hoods burning a cross.’?” And so, my motto—which I repeated in South Central Los Angeles to black listeners—became ‘If you can’t call a black thug a thug, you are a racist.’”

Prager is right on, as leftists sadly will not hold blacks to the same standards as everyone else in society.

As Prager points out, during the L.A riots, dozens of innocent people were murdered and countless shops were burned to the ground and looted. A decent society that wishes to instill virtue and responsibility in its citizenry would’ve condemned these evil acts, and insisted that the perpetrators be brought to justice and locked up, in order to send the message that indiscriminate violence is wrong. However, as Prager writes, instead of condemning the rioters, liberals tried to “understand” the rage of blacks and in some cases outright supported it: “We had a United States representative, Maxine Waters, screaming, ‘No Justice, no peace.’” Prager also cites this reaction to the riots by leftist Andrew Hacker:

“So there is the sheer strain of living in a white world, the rage that you [blacks] must suppress almost every day…The conclusion seems all but self-evident that white America has no desire for your [blacks] presence or any need for your people. Can this nations have an unstated strategy for annihilating your people?”

If it was a bunch of whites rioting in the streets and murdering people, do you think the Left would have reacted with sympathy and understanding? Of course not, and rightfully so.

Conversely, conservatives espouse a message of self-empowerment and personal responsibility. Conservatives believe blacks are just as capable as whites to thrive in America. This is why conservatives are against Affirmative Action; it sets a lower standard for blacks, which infers that they are inferior to the rest of society. This is a sick lie that has been unintentionally embedded in the black community by left wing orthodoxy.

The truth of the matter is America is the least racist country on earth and protects its citizens’  liberty and opportunities to succeed. Lives like Barack Obama’s and Oprah Winfrey’s are only possible in America. Immigrants from all over the world do everything within their power to sneak into this country for good reason. However, listening to liberal rhetoric, one would think that we are still in the 1950s with Jim Crow and segregation.

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