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Overthrowing Capitalism-Van Jones Presents the New American Dream

Posted on May 11 2011 2:00 pm
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In February, capitalizing (pardon the expression) on the union instigated Wisconsin “crisis,” Van Jones announced his American Dream movement. Just a few short months later, it was announced that he would join the Pachamama Alliance in the fight for rights for Mother Earth. Although seemingly unrelated, it all appears to be part of the same South American dream of a Marxist utopia.

In keeping with the dream, we recently heard from Bolivia. As a member nation of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA), leading the way with Ecuador, Ambassador Pablo Solón recently declared the following in a speech to the United Nations, on the Occasion of the General Assembly Interactive Dialogue on Harmony with Nature:

Is there no contradiction in recognizing only the rights of the human part of this system while all the rest of the system is reduced to a source of resources and raw materials – in other words, a business opportunity?

It is incredible that it is easier to imagine the destruction of nature than to dream about overthrowing capitalism.

Both Van Jones and Pachamama founder Lynne Twist have, in the past, embraced Marxism and that cannot be ignored. The Pachamama Alliance works with Bolivia and has worked closely with Rafael Correa’s Marxist government of Ecuador for years and celebrated their move to give legal rights to nature back in 2008. Shown here is her friend Correa, singing a song about Castro and Che with good buddies Hugo Chavez and Che Guevara’s daughter:

Back in 2008, Lynne returned from a year in South America to announce:

Inspired by what has happened in Ecuador, the President of the Andean Pact – a European Union-like body of the Andes, has asked our Latin American foundation to work with fellow Andean Pact nations of Bolivia, Colombia, and Peru to create “Rights to Nature” amendments for their constitutions. We have had the honor of playing a significant role in making this happen.

Pachamama has created a special site just for their movement called the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature. Founding members include the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) in the United States, which “helps community groups and municipalities write and adopt laws that assert community rights, including the rights of nature.”

 On the executive committee is Mari Margil, the first associate director of CELDF. She teaches Democracy Schools (aka community organizing) across the country. She also advised Ecuador’s Constituent Assembly in its move to recognize the rights of nature in the nation’s new constitution.

What’s especially disconcerting about this is how much Mari and CELDF have accomplished in Pittsburg, taking a baby step for Mother Earth. Her own piece about it has the boastful headline, “Pittsburgh Bans Natural Gas Drilling – A historic new ordinance bans natural gas drilling while elevating community decision making and the rights of nature over the ‘rights’ associated with corporate personhood.” Happening in several communities, the hope is that it will eventually become an “Environmental and Social Responsibility Amendment” to the U.S. Constitution.

The Pachamama/Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature site features a video from Grit TV that reinforces their intentions. As stated in the video:

I think that the real issue here is that modern humanity, and I don’t talk about indigenous people or traditional people, but in our society people look at nature as a great big resource, for our pleasure, profit and convenience. And we do whatever we want with it, we dump whatever we want into it, we move whatever we want where ever we want and, and we’re in trouble. And when we have rights, we have rights for corporations; we have rights for the market, the entire neo classical market system is based on destruction of the earth that gives us everything. And our governments continue no matter what they say out of their mouths to promote unregulated trade, unlimited growth, and more destruction of these resources. So this is a way to say can we turn our collective heads around, to say what would the earth look like, what would our lives look like if the earth had rights. Not just in its service to us…can we go a step further and say, regardless of us—does water, does bio-diversity, does the air, does other species have inherent rights just because they were created. 

That’s a pretty broad brush, isn’t it, not to mention what a legislative nightmare it would be. It essentially gives complete control to lawyers wherever such legislation is in place, and if they have their way, the UN will put it in place worldwide. Can you think of anything that could not be potentially controlled by this kind of legislation?

Reflecting on their words, we need to consider Ambassador Solon’s quote once again:

It is incredible that it is easier to imagine the destruction of nature than to dream about overthrowing capitalism.

Overthrowing capitalism…is that their new American Dream? I think Ambassador Solon and CELDF have made their intentions quite clear. Put it together with Van’s outline for the American Dream Movement and work with Pachamama, and it sounds like more of an impending nightmare to me.


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