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How the Left Helps Bullies Destroy Your Kids’ Shot at a Good Education

Posted on May 4 2011 2:00 pm
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Twelve-year-old Tyrique Royal is a typical troublemaker whose antics ruin classrooms and schools. After leading a “gang” that launched paper pellets across a classroom, frequently misbehaving during class, “roughhousing” with friends, and calling a skinny girl a “spaghetti noodle,” Tyrique appears likely to be expelled from Brooklyn’s Fahari Academy Charter School, The New York Post reported on April 24.

Tyrique- who was suspended multiple times – was given many chances to improve his behavior, but absolutely failed to do so. So throwing Tyrique and others like him out of school is obviously a “no-brainer,” right? Well, apparently not if you have a leftist brain.

The Left believes that chronically disruptive students can never be removed from any school, even if they are plunging classrooms into chaos and preventing dozens of students from learning. In fact, leftist organizations and judges have prevented most public schools from expelling even the most disruptive students. As a result, many students in typical inner city public schools don’t learn much of anything. Now the Left is apparently trying to force charter schools to adopt the same failed system.

An attorney for an organization called Advocates for Children told The Post that charter schools expel students too often. In addition, a report commissioned by the United Federation of Teachers, a teachers’ union like the NEA, found (read complained) that eight charter schools had an average “attrition rate” of 23%. (The “attrition rate” includes students who had been forced to repeat a grade).

So the union and the “child advocate” apparently want to force charter schools to follow the same rules as New York City’s public schools, where it’s basically impossible to expel badly behaved students and very difficult to suspend them from school or force them to repeat a grade.

Sure, many of the public schools are extremely violent, dangerous places where a large number of students never progress beyond elementary school reading levels, but at least all of the delinquent students’ “rights” are being protected and all the teachers are union members. So the sad truth is that leftists are happy to allow tens of thousands of children to suffer in order to protect the “rights” of a few hundred chronically misbehaving students, and safeguard union privileges.

Leftists’ reluctance to discipline children is also preventing educators from effectively combating bullying. As conservative columnist Thomas Sowell recently pointed out, politicians and educators talk a lot about eliminating bullying and violence in schools, but they don’t wind up doing much about the situation. Part of the problem, as Sowell notes, is that the courts (i.e. liberal judges) have prevented public schools from effectively punishing bullies. In addition, school officials’ fear of “the R word” (racist) has prevented them from disciplining many students.

So what can we do about this situation? Conservatives should pressure politicians to pass laws that prevent liberal judges from handcuffing public school administrators, and we should definitely push for legislation that will prevent the evil black-robed masters from extending their tentacles into the affairs of charter schools and private schools. Finally, conservatives should continue fighting for school choice, and push school administrators to take a hard line with chronically misbehaving students.

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