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Does the Burqa Ban Mean France is a Catholic State?

Posted on May 3 2011 2:15 pm
Lisa Graas has covered politics and religion at her blog since 2008. She has served as a crisis pregnancy counselor, youth speaker, mental health advocate and legislative consultant.

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At Two Circles, a popular site in India for Muslims, comes a curious article by Rehan Ansari.

According to the site’s “About” page:

We will not publish articles that is racist, sexist or makes baseless allegation against a person or community.

Well, that’s nice of them, but let’s just see about that, shall we?

Ansari writes: Happy Birthday to Catholic State of France!

The article claims that because “approximately 80%” of French citizens are “at least nominally” Catholic, then the recent burqa ban must mean that France is now a “Catholic state”, ostensibly imposing Church law on Muslim women. (Like Sharia?)

The question which arises then, is the France truly a secular democratic country? Or a Majoritarian state that ascribes to the Catholic religion and where the majority has a right to crush tiny minority because only 1800 to 2000 women observe veil as reported in the media.


The French counsel did not forget to mention the strict rules in Saudi Arabia and said that when French women visits in Saudi Arabia they follow the rules and lives according to the Saudi culture. But I am sure he will not be able to answer that Saudi Arabia is a declared Islamic state and France proclaims to be a Secular Democracy.

Since Ansari is Muslim, I cannot expect him to understand what Catholicism teaches, nor can I expect him to understand the difference between a secular democracy that gives Christians and Muslims an equal vote, and Sharia Law….but I will try to explain for him where his attempt at logic fails.

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