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Obama got Osama bin Laden. Good for him BUT…

Posted on May 2 2011 8:32 am
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Under President Obama’s watch, Osama bin Laden has been killed by U.S. forces abroad. Americans and everyone who values Western civilization should rejoice. And make no mistake, even though he had to be dragged kicking and screaming into action against the Islamic fundamentalists, President Obama deserves credit for ridding the world of this Islamofascist monster. (President George W. Bush also deserves credit –maybe even more credit– but that is a discussion for another day.) It is an important victory in a war that the president had no interest in waging. It is also probably just about the only thing he’s done that’s good for America, especially after the previous Democratic president let bin Laden go.

So President Obama has done a great thing. No doubt about it. But that doesn’t make him Captain America suddenly.

Making bin Laden a grease spot does not take away from the fact that President Obama does not believe in America, at least not in the way most Americans believe in America. To him, America’s not a big deal.

The president believes in American exceptionalism but only in a perfunctory way, that is, in a way that drains all meaning from the phrase. “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism,” he said.

In other words, America is just another country, no better or worse than any other. (Except for Israel, of course. Obama has made it clear he doesn’t think Israel should exist.) This is the vision of the multiculturalist, the cultural relativist who cares nothing about America’s unique heritage and unparalleled respect for the rights of the individual.

President Obama has made it clear that he does not believe in limited government. In fact, he mocks the strictures that America’s Constitution places on government and has devoted considerable resources to getting around that noble document. His horrific Obamacare legislation is just one example.

The president will get a bounce in public opinion polls. It may even last for months. But never forget that America is in a sad state today because of the policies Obama and people like Obama support. Inflation is rising because the Fed, with Obama’s blessing, has been running the printing presses day and night. Energy prices are rising because Marxist environmentalist policies won’t allow American companies to drill for oil or open new refineries. As more and more families have trouble paying for the basics of human life, they will remember whose policies are making their lives difficult.

To repeat, killing Osama bin Laden is a major accomplishment for the Obama administration and Americans should rejoice but it doesn’t make up for the damage that the Community Organizer-in-Chief has done to the country and to America’s standing in the world.

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