Socialism is the feudalism of the future. …

Posted on May 2 2016 6:42 am
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Comment posted Unequivocal Proof that Fox News Sucks by Underzog.

Socialism is the feudalism of the future.


Underzog also commented

  • In reference to my previous post:__>>>>>We drank first port, then claret, that is to say, red Bordeaux, then champagne. After the red wine he was completely drunk. And that was what I wished because then he [Karl Marx] would open his heart and reveal himself as he really was. I gained certainty about things that previously had been mere suspicions. Despite his condition, he dominated the discussion right to the very end

    .__…I am conviced that everything good in him [Marx] has been devoured by the most dangerous personal ambitions. He laughs at the fools who repeat after him his proletarian catechism, just as he laughs at communists of the Willich sort, and also at the bourgeoisie."

    __The only ones that he respects are the aristocrats, the real ones, the ones who are conscious of their position. To wrest power from them, he needs..the proletariat and this is the reason he has created his system. I left with the impression that personal domination is the end-all of his every activity.1<<<<<<<<

    __1.Karl Marx: Racist_pp 227

  • Incidentally, Liberals love of the monarchy is not unexplainable. Liberals derive themselves from Marx and when Marx got drunk with someone called Techow, Marx revealed that he cared nothing for the workers and did not respect anybody except the aristocrats. He also sneered at those who follow his Commie platitudes
  • The sarcastic title threw me off as it would anyone; however, that discussion of the magic sky king fooled me at first, too. I thought it was also sarcasm.

Recent comments by Underzog

  • Communist University of NY (CUNY) Denies Honor to Israel-Bashing Playwright Tony Kushner
    That evil butt burgaler, Tony Kushner, is given a well deserved slap down. Does Israel offend his interior decorating sense or is the zionist entity a wrong shade of pink to him? Whatever the reason this practitioner of a deadly perversion feels this way about Israel, he is to be condemned for his vicious, fruit flavored criticism of the Jewish state.

    I note that Mr. Kushner is defended by another practitioner of deadly perversion. With that one and his stupid rantings, maybe it has gone past the blood/brain barrier. In that case, the barebacking Mr. Sullivan is to be pitied more than anything else.

  • Pathetic: Peter Beinart Uses Bin Laden’s Death to Declare War on Terror Over
    This offal’s claim to fame is that he is a self hater who attends Orthodox services when he worships (so do I) and he once worked for a pro Israeli magazine and now mouths anti Israeli/pro jihadist platitudes.

    His nonsense that the War against terrorists is over reminds me of the munchkins happily dancing over the death of the witch of the east, forgetting about the wicked witch of the west.

    His "ding dong the witch is dead argument" is indicia of his ignorance or political charlatanism.

  • Top 9 Reasons California Sucks
    California sucks for another reason, too. The Berkely area and the San Francisco area are anti-Semitic. I even think Front Page described Berkely for the Jews as the deep South was for blacks half a century ago. It is that bad. Incidentally, When a naive Jewish doctor was pushed down an elevator, the San Francisco police dismissed the potential case because it might offend the Muslim population. The fellow was attending an Arab language class and went to the school when it was closed for the holidays. Sounds like he was lured in and the fall down the elevator shaft took care of the rest.
  • Why Do College Conservatives Seem to Be Lagging Behind the Paulestinian Fringe?
    I'm sorry but these Libertarian attacks on Israel creep me out, too. I spar with the Libertarians and joke with them at their alleged "moderate" flagship, "Reason Magazine," but their willingness to see Israel destroyed, their hostility to Israel defending itself even modestly (this, despite their alleged chats of "non intervention"), and their constant praise of Islam even while a prominent Muslim, the executed John Mohammed, severly wounded and nearly murdered a Libertarian operative, and their ridicule over my concerns that their "Hit and Run" forum did not even mention the slaughter of the Fogel family, makes them annoying to me and I do my best to return the favor.
  • Horrific Stabbing of Infant Shows Flaw in Leftist Worldview
    You'll get no sympathetic ear from the Libertarians. I know because I have tried to raise the issue of the massacre of the Fogel family in their misnamed, "Reason Magazine," and have only been met with hostility to which I have responded in kind.

    As for Ron Paul, Bill Levinson has given him a howler of a moniker which I will use every time Dr. Paul's name is mentioned. It fits perfectly with his anti-Semitism (Dr. Paul has even called sympathizers of Jews the new Nazis) and his association with white supremacists whose donations he refused to return — unlike even Howard Dean.

    It is

    Ron Paul 1488
    The Final Solution for America

    The two numbers eight (88) represent the eight letter of the alphabet H and the two of them together are two H letters as in heil Hitler — it is popular amongst neo Nazis. The number 14 represents those 14 words that every white supremacist knows: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

    Bill Levinson did a great moniker for Congressman Paul

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