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Unequivocal Proof that Fox News Sucks

Posted on April 30 2011 3:56 pm
Diane Schrader, a former television news writer/producer, lives with her family in Los Angeles. She likes a nice cup of tea. Follow her on Twitter.
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Your morning joe with a message of hope and change

For all the union members screaming “Fox lies” during the Wisconsin protests… for President Obama insisting that Fox News is “destructive” for our country’s growth, and his administration attempting to de-legitimize them as a news organization by barring them from news conferences… for every logic-impaired idiot who has never actually watched Fox News but KNOWS that they aren’t journalists… here’s the proof that you’re right: screenshots of the two main cable news sites taken virtually at the same time. If a picture tells a thousand words, these two pictures should speak volumes:



See? You were right! Fox News DOES suck, because – what real American journalists would concern themselves with devastating tornadoes in those yucky Bible belt states, when we can talk about a royal wedding on the other side of the world?

I have long suspected that a good part of the asinine “royal worship” in this country is frustrated leftists who desperately long to just pronounce themselves royalty, collect taxes from the rest of us, and wave regally from on high as we bow before them (*coughObamacough*). Leftists imagine themselves as part of the elite inner circle of the world, so it’s not at all surprising that their focus is on a pair of their own. (The groom’s daddy, by the way, is an enormous left-leaning tool.)

But I digress. Yeah. Fox News is so biased and if you watch it you’re a drooling moron and you’ll never understand How Things Really Are because Fox News lies? And did I mention, Fox lies?

At the site where this CNN/Fox comparison was displayed, there was a bracing discussion from a group of intellectual giants debating why Fox News, which is clearly not really a news organization, would have covered the tornadoes while CNN concentrated on inbred monarchy types. Allow me to share just a tiny nugget of this incisive analysis:

“(Fox is) not exercising journalistic professionalism; they’re showing a news story that they think more people will want to see. I’d imagine Fox’s target audience is more rural and midwestern on average, and this story probably hits closer to home for them. It’s all about the money, yo.”

This story hits closer to home for them? Where do YOU live, “yo”? Unless it’s in Wales or Scotland, I daresay this story should hit closer to your home, too. In fact, I kind of wish this story had actually hit your home. Oops! Violent rhetoric. Allow me to retract that statement. Although speaking of hateful rhetoric… I stand in awe of a true master of the art, writing in the same discussion thread (profanity is masked for your reading safety):

“Fox is still f***ing retarded. The devastation is known, and talking about it isn’t it going to change anything. They’re called acts of nature/god for a reason, and the bible-belt is getting hit by storms that wouldn’t be as bad if the imbeciles living there hadn’t fought so damned hard against preventing climate-change.Yeah, I said it. We all know it’s true, and the fact that people are dead shouldn’t dissuade anyone from holding this up as evidence of their stupidity and backwards thinking. What better time than now, when we can see that people are actually being killed by the extreme weather caused by global anthropogenic climate change? But Fox won’t cover that aspect of it, even though CNN has. Fox will, however, talk about all the prayer groups being held to ask a f***ing MYTHICAL SKY WIZARD to stop the tornadoes. In the BIBLE BELT. Where almost everyone is a Christian, even when they don’t believe it (because they get the s**t beat out of them if they don’t act like bible-thumpers). FoxNews: Negative Over 9000, CNN: 0, so it’s still better.”

People like this actually vote, which explains a lot, no? One doesn’t even know where to begin – the seething hatred for Christians (and their mythical sky wizard), the fact that in defiance of all scientific evidence this bitter little hater “knows it’s true” that climate change apparently parked itself over the southern states and let loose, or the journalistic genius of noting that since the tornadoes have already happened, “talking about it isn’t going to change anything.”

The mind boggles. If this doesn’t inspire you to pray (hard) for this country, I don’t know what would.

But I digress again. If any of these mental midgets could actually find the Fox News Channel on their remote, they could watch the only television news outlet where you are likely to hear a variety of views on virtually every topic. Yes, many of the commentators make their opinions clearly known. (As opposed to the Katie Courics and Dan Rathers of the world, who make their opinions clearly known while insisting that they’re objective and neutral.) But Fox News as a pure news organization is excelling, because they are not manipulating virtually all coverage to hew to the leftist party line. (For a concise example of how this type of manipulation works, see this brief deconstruction of a CNN story).

A picture tells a thousand words. Two pictures can speak volumes.

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