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Ron Paul Would Open America’s Doors to Sharia

Posted on April 29 2011 1:49 pm
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In Turkey last week, police wanted to check to see how gullible their citizens were.  So they tested them by knocking on doors and screaming: “I’m a thief who has come to rob you. Now open your door.” The police were shocked to find that the vast majority of people actually opened their doors anyway. The police then warned the foolish people to be more cautious.

Ron Paul would have opened his door and invited the thief in. Paul wouldn’t have called the police, instead he’d invite the thief in to have a verbal battle over ideas. That’s basically what Ron Paul told Sean Hannity this Wednesday on Fox News. Except Paul said if he were President, and Sharia enforcers came knocking, he’d open the doors of America for a friendly debate over ideals. Opening your door to a thief is stupid and dangerous for one house. Opening America to Sharia is stupid and dangerous for an entire nation.

When Hannity asked Paul about the spread of Sharia in America, Paul initially downplayed the possibility but then said America is to blame if it happens. (Video here):

Hannity: Do you not agree there is a desire among Islamic extremists to have an Islamic Caliphate, Sharia Law and conquering the world?  ‘Cause that’s their stated goal. I mean that’s what they say they want.

Paul: I think it would mean this many (hold up fingers to show small amount) but because we’re over there their numbers grow. You have radicals in all religions. And if there is some way to incite them, their numbers will grow. So their numbers have grown, but they use us to do that…

So Ron Paul says Sharia won’t spread but then blames America if it does. I’m not sure if he realizes he is contradicting himself with such a response.  Not only that, but Paul sounds like the lunatic Left when he infers all religions have equal amounts of radicals in them who do equal harm to societies. But what other world religion has standard teachings that allow beating your wife, raping young girls you claim as your wives, death to homosexuals, and killing family members who convert to other faiths? These aren’t views of a small percentage of radicals, such views are proclaimed in the Koran and other parts of Sharia law. These ideals are widely held by devout Muslims in much of the Islamic world.

Later Hannity asked about the Ground Zero Mosque issue (video here):

Hannity: The Imam…wants America to be Sharia compliant. That is the antithesis of everything we believe in…

Paul:  But that’s not coming here. We have to defend our principles…That goes on in Saudia Arabia.

Hannity: Isn’t that opening the door for somebody who wants to overthrow America into a system that is contrary to our fundamental beliefs?

Paul: No, I think you are closing the door to what makes America great.

Again, Paul sounds like the blind Left in our country who ignore the clear spread of Sharia all throughout Europe and now making inroads in America.  He  purposefully closes his eyes to the facts on the growth of Sharia, and admits he is willing to open the door to it.

Not that a President Paul would want America to be an Islamic nation. Of course he doesn’t. But Paul thinks America should foolishly allow Sharia to slip in to our culture, so it can compete with more classic Judeo-Christian principles.

Does Sharia deserve an equal chance to take hold of America as our principles of liberty once had? Does freedom of religion mean equal opportunity for people to push laws that would kill homosexuals and allow the beating of wives?  Or is Sharia law so anti-American that we should immediately shut Sharia down anywhere it sticks out its ugly head? A President Ron Paul would say let it grow and spread but try to defend against it simply by putting forward American ideals.

I know Ron Paul is beloved by a passionate minority in the Republican party and by some independents. His views on the economy are strong and conservative for the most part. But if you have any regard for the safety of America, as we are being attacked on multiple fronts in this war on Terror, you have to realize a President Ron Paul would unwittingly harm America by opening doors to Sharia.

Let’s shut those doors – nail them shut even.  And if Ron Paul doesn’t change his tune, let’s shut the door on the idea of Ron Paul as our next president.

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