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The 5 Best Ways to Destroy Andrew Breitbart

Posted on April 26 2011 1:51 pm
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4. Breitbart Disbands A Group Of Protesters

It seems as if no matter where Andrew Breitbart goes, protesters follow. Back in September 2010, Breitbart spoke, along with Glenn Beck and others, at an event in Chicago called “Right Nation 2010.” Naturally, a crowd gathered outside the venue to protest the event inside.

These protesters carried signs reading slogans like, “NO HATE IN THE DEBATE” and “GREED IS NOT WHAT WE NEED” and chanting, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Glenn Beck has got to go!” (Again with the bad grammar? And what’s up with the bad rhyming?) Oddly enough, the protesters were full of hate when they were confronted — that is, when they weren’t trying to run away from the camera and microphone.

It turns out that many of these demonstrators were bussed in by Organizing For America and the SEIU. Others were encouraged to join in by an Organizing For America email blast. Like a boy with a stick at an anthill, Breitbart decided to poke and prod the protesters. Big Government reports it like this:

As you will see in our video report from the scene, when Andrew Breitbart arrived at the Sears Centre, he was met with an angry mob of protesters who were calling for an ‘end to hate’ while also hurling expletives and homophobic slurs toward the targets of their enmity.

In the following dramatic video, Breitbart brings the protest to a complete halt by cleverly asking sign holders to do the impossible:  explain the placards they were carrying. In the end, the frustrated organizers abruptly end their protest and leave.


So, who organized and bussed in these protesters? Here is what we know.


President Obama’s Organizing for America (A Project of the National Democratic Committee) helped coordinate the protest with at least an email blast to its local members.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? See for yourself. Notice how many of the demonstrators immediately follow their leaders’ orders like sheep. And pay attention to how many of the protesters can’t back up their cute little slogans with substance.

Warning: There’s objectionable language and content in this video.

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