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Florida Employment Agency Crusades for Truth and Justice – the Obama Way

Posted on April 25 2011 9:00 am
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You just can’t make this stuff up: An intrepid band of comic-book addled desk-jockeys at Workforce Central Florida (WCF) budgeted $73,000 in federal funds to outfit job-seekers with superhero capes so that they could vanquish “Dr. Evil Unemployment.”

Unfortunately, however, Dr. Evil Unemployment is still alive and well, because the the program to “engage” Central Florida’s unemployed, called “Cape-A-Bility,” was laughed out of existence before it even got off the ground — but not before WFC had already squandered $14,000 for 6000 capes and some 12 foot foam effigies of the cartoon villain.

Don’t get me wrong. With unemployment at 8.8% nationwide and 11.1% in Florida, I would love to see Dr. Evil Unemployment vanquished. I just don’t understand how WCF’s executive director, Gary J. Earl, and his team expected to get all those caped jobless crusaders all the way to Washington D.C., and into the White House and Capitol Building, where Dr. Evil Unemployment toils day and night penalizing productivity and rewarding the indolence in his quest to build a massive dependent class for his minions to boss around and dress up in Halloween costumes.

Seriously, if this isn’t a sign that there are too many bored bureaucrats out there, I don’t know what is. I guess this is what happens when you have masses of public servants sitting around, unencumbered by such concerns as rent, payroll, or whether they’ll go bankrupt next month because the public decided they preferred the other employment agency down the street. So instead they engage in what Earl calls “creative strategy” – which appears to have little to do with creating jobs and a lot do to with ordering huge lots of childrens’ costumes.

‘The plight of the unemployed is why we exist,’ Earl wrote, ‘and to help them, we have to engage them, introduce them to our services and connect them with job opportunities.’

Somebody needs to introduce Earl and all his fellow strategists to Angry Birds or Farmville or anything that will distract them before they strategize their state and country into bankruptcy.

It’s not that Earl’s desire to “connect” the unemployed with “job opportunities” isn’t commendable. At least until you realize that “rich” business owners – and potential employers –are footing the bill for this nonsense. (The top 25% pay 86% of the taxes.) And that’s money that’s not being used to actually create all those jobs that Earl wants to connect people to.

If Earl truly wants to “connect” Floridians with jobs, he should stop strategizing and send WCF’s federal funding back where it came from – into the hands of those who will use it to invest, produce, and hire.

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