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  New York Times Airbrushes Useful Idiot Nazi

Posted on April 24 2011 1:00 pm
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This popular post was originally published April 16, 2011.

Today’s NY Times carries an obit for terrorist collaborator Vittorio Arrigoni, and celebrates him as a peace activist. Check out Steven Plaut’s account of the poetic justice meted out to this wretched individual who was killed by the evil cause to which he dedicated his life. The identification (and glorification) of Arrigoni by the Times — the front page slot and multicolumn spread — and his presentation as a “peace activist” and lover of Palestine underscore two truths about the increasingly menacing world we live in. First, that “peace activist” is a label which reflects a commitment to terrorism and the enemies of democracy. During the lead up to the Iraq War, for example, there were massive “peace” demonstrations against America’s efforts to rein in a monster who had murdered 300,000 of his own people. But there was not a single demonstration in front of the Iraq embassy demanding that Saddam Hussein obey 17 UN Security Council resolutions and honor the truce he signed in the first Gulf War. The peace demonstrations were an outpouring of the anti-American, pro-jihadist Left. No doubt there were among them many political naifs who couldn’t put two and two together to understand just what they were demonstrating for or against. But the fact remains that the peace movement had only one end in sight — the survival of the bloodthirsty regime in Iraq.

Calling Arrigoni pro-Palestinian, as the Times does, is like calling supporters of Hitler “pro-German,” without taking into account the ruin Hitler brought on Germany. Every misery suffered by the Palestinians has been inflicted on them by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority and the Arab states who have seen to it that the Palestinians remain in squalid refugee camps and under terrorist rule. We can add the NY Times to this shameful list as well.

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