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The Oval Office Is Not Enough.. But the World Might Do… a Sobering Scare from Pajamas Media

Posted on April 21 2011 7:35 pm
Diane Schrader, a former television news writer/producer, lives with her family in Los Angeles. She likes a nice cup of tea. Follow her on Twitter.
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Well, he thinks he can.

Obama’s something of an enigma. Despite publishing not one but two autobiographies, his history and motivations are still cloaked in shadows. Conservatives argue: Is he incompetent? Savvy? Overwhelmed? Brilliant? How about evil? These questions are dismissed by both well-meaning (read: ignorant) liberals, and their more malicious and deliberate “swallowed-the-koolaid” leftist comrades. They dismiss questions about Obama’s history or motivation as racially motivated. After all, Tea Party types weren’t complaining till a “black man” got elected, right?

Like virtually every other argument the Left posits, this involves faulty reasoning. It is true that a sleeping giant appears to have awakened over the past few years, and much of that movement, clearly polarized by President Obama, has organized itself around the Tea Party. It is also true that of the millions who have been involved in conservative and Tea Party causes, approximately 0.000021 percent of them have exhibited actual racism (as opposed to the Left, where attacking someone due to their race is a perfectly legitimate political tactic).

The reason that President Obama woke the giant has nothing to do with his skin color (for the 9,783,216th time). It has to do with his virulently hard-left agenda, which despite the best efforts of the leftist lapdog media, was leaking out, bit by bit, even before he was elected. Since he took office and began ramming that agenda down America’s collective (ha ha) throat, a number of intrepid individuals have researched and chronicled and – well, PROVEN what he’s all about. But the most crucial question, brought up today by Leon de Winter over at Pajamas Media, is this – is the White House merely a stepping stone for him?

I argued in a post earlier this week that, despite the dismay of the Left, Obama’s political ambitions at times dictate that he downplay his class warfare, wealth redistribution, nanny state, America-hating agenda – but make no mistake, it’s still his agenda, and it doesn’t take a seasoned reporter (or an unintended hot microphone) to reveal it. On the contrary, almost every time he opens his mouth he illustrates his utter contempt for most Americans (bitter clingers to guns and religion) and his slavish (ha ha, I said slavish) adherence to a new world order in which we all share the wealth. He also hasn’t been particularly shy about demonstrating the overweening arrogance that is the invariable accompaniment to that worldview; indeed, the biggest leftists (Soros, Gore, Michael Moore, and yes Obama) always excuse themselves from the sacrifices they want everyone else to make.

But my argument, that Obama will do anything to stay in power now so that he can have unfettered access to mucking up our country from 2012-2016, may have taken too limited a view of his ambition – a mistake not made by de Winter:

“I started to understand the fascinating phenomenon of Barack Obama when it suddenly dawned upon me that his present office may not be his final ambition.”

What? Don’t all good former presidents move on to (best case) hyping their presidential libraries or (worst case) meddling in current affairs and being mildly irritating troublemakers (hi, Jimmy Carter!)? I mean, once you’ve been president, it’s all downhill from there… right? Right?

“Obama and his team try to transform America and reorganize society around the concept of social justice. A transformed America will, naturally, lead to a completely different balance of power in the world. Internal change will create external change. The vacuum left behind by a weakened U.S. — a world without a superpower, a globe of equal nations — should be filled by a new transnational body. This is the core dream of every progressive ideologue.”

And what better leader could there be for this vision than one who, at that point, will indeed bring a wealth of executive experience to the cause.

“Does Obama, in word and deed, start to make sense when one starts to understand that he sees his role from a vantage point far above the presidency? Beyond the White House, there is a world for him to gain. What he achieved in Washington he could repeat on a global scale… In order to save the world from devastating global warming and climate change — and, indeed, all fatal consequences of capitalism — the restless progressives in the world are uniting. Obama is well prepared to position himself as their prophet — or messiah. Internationalism, global governance, America the evil — these are ideas Obama has absorbed for year after year… Obama knows precisely what kind of America he envisions. He wants to mold a certain type of America in order to mold a certain type of global governance. For that, he needs another term to reach his goal.”

Could de Winter be way off base? Sure, as he acknowledges. Unfortunately, his scenario cannot be dismissed as deranged conspiracy theory. Too much of it is already in play; too much of it is abundantly evident. That the Left has this as an ultimate agenda is indisputable; that Obama is a product of those teachings is also not in question.

So we have two choices. (1) Obama is destroying the free market and dismantling freedoms in a well-intentioned but misguided effort to make our country a better place (Hope and Change™). Or, (2) He’s got a bigger office in mind than the Oval.

In a way, it doesn’t matter which is true. He must be stopped. But if our president does have grand designs on becoming World Potentate, a negative 2012 outcome will slow him down considerably. That is a goal toward which we must all most diligently apply ourselves.

To that end, remember the distinction I noted at the beginning. Well-meaning liberals vastly outnumber True Left Believers, whose fierce zeal indeed aims for exactly that scary picture de Winter paints – America eviscerated, transnational governance for Our Own Good. So the key to writing a happy ending is engaging the well-meaners – the people currently blinded by Obamic “charisma” who don’t see the darkness ahead. These are people who, with blinders removed, still embrace the promise that is America. Let’s win their hearts and minds.

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