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Report: Coup Thwarted in Iran

Posted on April 21 2011 7:20 pm
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An Iranian website has reported that a large coup by Revolutionary Guards commanders in Iran has been thwarted. Reza Kahlili writes:

Reports from inside Iran indicate that dozens of Revolutionary Guard commanders belonging to its Ground Forces have been arrested and charged with plotting a coup.

Based on the same reports, last night 37 Guards’ commanders were arrested and transferred to the Gohardasht prison to be transferred today to Prison 66, which is run by the Guards. Those arrested had plans to take over 130 key institutions in Tehran.

The recent conflicts within the Ministry of Intelligence & Security reportedly have resulted from the Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence unit’s desire to control the Ministry.

The IRGC is the force that keeps the regime in power, but as I wrote in July 2010, there is a significant amount of dissent within the body. And now, Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi says that 7 members were arrested for refusing to fire on protesters on March 10.

The regime has successfully prevented the opposition from mobilizing and presenting a challenge on the streets, but this does not mean the regime is not hated or that the Iranian people’s aspiration for freedom and justice isn’t a potent weapon.

Michael Ledeen documents how the Arab minority in the Ahwaz region have clashed with the security forces during protests and that on March 16, an opposition group called the Azerbaijan Movement for Democracy and Integrity in Iran took responsibility for a fire at the Tabriz oil refinery. There are also ongoing clashes between Kurdish militants and the IRGC and he says there is “systematic sabotage of the petrochemical industry and the nation’s vital pipelines.” As we told you, earlier this month suspicious explosions damaged three pipelines delivering gas near Qom. There were almost identical explosions in this same area in February.

At the same time, the Majiles is criticizing Ahmadinejad on economic matters, specifically the rising of natural gas prices by at least ten times. Angry citizens are now making their voices heard at the National Iranian Gas Company and 1,500 petrochemical facility workers in Khuzestan have gone on strike. There is still not a nationwide, coordinated strike but there are plenty of scattered ones.

Elections for the Majiles will be held on March 29, 2012, so these vocal confrontations between the pro-Ahmadinejad and anti-Ahmadinejad camps will escalate. Stay tuned.



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