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Herding Cats: Why Rachel Maddow and the Left Cannot Understand the Tea Party (True Twit, Part 16)

Posted on April 20 2011 9:05 am
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On April 15th of this year, for the third year in a row, the Tea Party gathered nationwide. This year, the turnout was much lower than in previous years.  Rachel Maddow would have you believe that it’s because the Tea Party has peaked and the members just aren’t that into the message anymore. She delighted in showing footage after footage of poorly attended Tea Parties that all save one happened in the freezing rain. And still, in the freezing rain, hundreds of people showed up.

After the attempted Tea Party smear, Maddow turned her show to focusing on the enormous numbers the government unions have produced at their rallies and I found myself snickering. It’s easy to get hordes of people to show up when you’re paying them to be there and providing transportation, free t-shirts, lunch and pre-printed signs!  Steven Crowder once made a hilarious video where he went undercover and applied for a job as a professional protester. They offered him $33,400 per year with full benefits and profit sharing!

What people like Maddow can never understand is that the Tea Party is full of individuals. This is a foreign concept to leftists who work in mind-numbed unison, marching to the beat of whatever drum they’re assigned. The Tea Party’s most cherished and widely-held belief is that the sovereignty of the individual outweighs any outside force. This makes organizing them a little like herding cats. Good luck.

No one in the Tea Party is paid to show up. In fact, some of them give up a paid day of work to attend the rallies. Government union protests, however, are attended by the robotic masses of union “workers” who turn in fake sick notes to get paid for not working. That kind of destroys Maddow’s claim that union workers are “people who work for a living.” What does she think the rest of us do, eat bonbons all day? Is it only considered “work” if you get taxpayer money? There’s a whole host of people in the private sector putting in more hours at less pay and benefits than the spoiled government union employees. One particularly galling instance is in the janitorial field.

[A]t District 211 in Roselle, Illinois we found 54 of 96 custodians make more than $50,000/yr. Compare this with to BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) data that shows the 90th percentile for custodians of $37,580 and a mean salary of $26,510. This is a case where 50% of one group of public employees is earning 100% more than their peers in the private sector.

All 96 exceeded the mean salary meaning 100% of custodial employees at District 211 exceeded the average for their job description. Not one was at or below average. So the school taxes private sector custodians making the average $26,000 salary to pay the salary of the school custodian making in excess of $50,000.

Next: The Truth about the Tea Party.

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