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Body of ISM Tool Found

Posted on April 15 2011 2:16 pm
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By Israelly Cool

As many of you discovered before me (due to the fact I just woke up), Arrigoni’s body has been found.

Hamas condemned the murder, on the grounds it harms the palestinians goals (not on moral grounds).

Hamas’ Interior Ministry called a special press conference following the recovery of the Italian peace activist’s body in Gaza.

The ministry denounced the act: “This is a heinous murder which does not represent our religion, values and costume,” it said in a statement, adding the act “harms the Palestinian people’s goals.” Hamas police have launched a full inquiry in the case.

Their costume consists of balaclavas, gun belts and bomb belts. I think the murder is completely consistent with this.

The PA’s Mahmoud Abbas also condemned the murder…for not serving the palestinian cause, but harming it.

While he has been murdered by the people he dedicated his life to supporting, I cannot bring myself to celebrate his murder like others have.

I found Rusty’s comments interesting:

When I first wrote this post, I thought everything would turn out fine. A few bruises, some lessons not learned, etc.

But now that he’s dead? My comments on the irony of it all aren’t so funny.

There is nothing funny about jihadis murdering an innocent civilian. Dumb and mislead or not, full responsibility for the man’s murder lie with the committed Islamists who murdered him.


Part of me wants to LOL this. I mean, how can someone be so stupid as to not know what kind of people are walking around in Gaza? The other part of me thinks it’s just tragic and is ashamed that any part of me would blame the victim.

I guess I’ll just have to remain conflicted.

I am not so conflicted, and see it slightly differently. I don’t see Arrigoni as merely stupid. He burned with hatred for Israel, and actively worked to undermine the security of me and my fellow Israeli citizens. He was in bed with the terrorists, as it were. So while I won’t be celebrating his murder, I won’t be mourning him either.

Read the rest at Israelly Cool

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