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Socialists Defend Obama’s Debt Speech, Warn of Republican Amputators with Rusty Meat Cleavers

Posted on April 14 2011 3:00 pm
Lisa Graas has covered politics and religion at her blog since 2008. She has served as a crisis pregnancy counselor, youth speaker, mental health advocate and legislative consultant.
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Public Freakout” — That’s the term the socialist website Mother Jones used to describe America’s unwillingness to accept massive debt. Mother Jones thrives on a lust to bring more government control over business and so, in the wake of President Obama‘s speech, warns of “Republican amputators with rusty meat cleavers” coming for the poor and the elderly. Classifying the Spender-in-Chief, President Obama, as “Adult Cutter-in-Chief” (gulp, are they serious?) Mother Jones paints a pretty picture of the President to ease the nail-biting of the Left and relieve the doubts of independents who may be experiencing a temporary bout of conservative common sense. Fear not, socialists!  Obama will save you from the blood-thirsty Republicans, heal the planet and cut the deficit. Saving the President’s political skin is the order of the day at Mother Jones.

What a  brilliant headline: “Is Obama Hijacking—Or Reinforcing—the GOP’s One Big Idea“? One might actually get the idea, if you were a regular reader at Mother Jones, that the President were about to be raked over the coals for his speech on the debt. This appears to be a hook to pull in Obama’s far Left critics in order to set their minds at ease. The author, David Corn, is an old hand at fiction and, on occasion, dismissing leftist truthers.

First, Corn offers a combination Obama defense and Republican smear so that grandmas across America may be inspired to whip out their checkbooks for Organizing for America as they look for a way to escape the evil, blood-thirsty Republicans who want her dead.

The message: do you want Obama the careful surgeon with a sterile scalpel or the Republican amputators with rusty meat-cleavers? Moreover, he’s asking, do you buy the GOP’s vision of a broke-down America that has to squeeze the poor and the elderly and neglect necessary investments in education, R&D, and infrastructure, while granting generous tax breaks to the rich, in order to move ahead toward better days?

Wreck! Blood on the windshield! But don’t worry. The “careful surgeon” in the White House will make it all better, Grandma.

Of course, Corn also has to throw a bone to the angry Left and offer up some balm to cover the wounds of their fears.

But he’s attempting this sophisticated and tricky maneuver on GOP turf—and in doing so, he runs the risk of reinforcing the Republicans’ basic message that the name of the game is deficit-reduction. The speech showed that Obama realizes that to win the debate, he must change the debate.

There, there, socialists. Don’t worry. President Obama is just using a “trick” to “change the debate” so that he can fool the “independent voters.” This isn’t really about “deficit-reduction” at all! It’s about fooling people to keep his poll numbers high.

Do Democrats seriously believe that a campaign slogan “Support us or the Republicans will kill you with meat cleavers” is going to work?

My sense is that Corn and leftist smear artists across the blogosphere are again underestimating the intelligence and the will of the American people.


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