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Cal. State Prof: ‘The Arab world will never prosper until the Zionist regime is removed!’

Posted on April 13 2011 11:45 am
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A California State University political science professor named As’ad AbuKhalil addressed an Orange County California anti-Israel conference recently and stated among other things:

But no, never will we recognize the Zionist State of Israel! We must go back to the 1968 PLO charter, not the one engineered by Bill Clinton in Ramallah. We Arabs, Palestinians, cannot be equivocal when it comes to Israel. The Arab world will never prosper until the Zionist regime is removed!”

He added: “Yes, I am gloating now–Israel sees their ordered world now collapsing before their very eyes. We celebrate the demise of Israel, yes, Israel, your days are truly numbered!”

AbuKhalil got a thunderous, standing five-minute ovation.

(From a report in the April 2011 issue of The Independent Monitor newspaper:

AbuKhalil was speaking before a group called the Palestinian American Women’s Association of California (PAWA). AbuKhalil was only scheduled to speak after it was announced that Helen Thomas would only address the meeting by video due to health issues.  (See my previous article about the planning of the PAWA conference.)

PAWA must have worked pretty hard to find a speaker that would say things that would make Helen Thomas look tame: but they did.

AbuKhalil calls his blog – wait for it — the Angry Arab News Service:

On the blog AbuKhalil uses the term Zionist as his most frequent pejorative. Here is a posting from April 9, 2011:

Zionists are skilled in the art of denial. They are like somebody on the Titanic insisting that the ship is not going down, but is merely dancing to the music on deck. I can see when Israel enters its final exit on earth, when Zionists would cheerfully insist that Israel is not going down: that it is merely a historical snag, and that Israel will still survive in… Honolulu.

What is AbuKhalil’s opinion of Hezbollah, which during the Second Lebanon War created a state within a state in Lebanon and controls the country’s foreign policy? They are, in AbuKhalil’s estimation, a “few hundred Lebanese irregulars bravely resist[ing] Israeli aggression.”

But of course AbuKhalil at least gestures toward a desire for interfaith relations between Israel and the Muslim world, right?

“I of course want only poisoned relationship with Israel, but I believe that our fierce and categorical rejection of Zionism in Palestine should be separate from the attempt to establish–especially after the demise of Israel–harmony and brotherhood/sisterhood between Arabs/Muslims and Jews.”

OK, so he wants good interfaith relations after the “demise” of 6 million Jews.

As FrontPage Magazine has shown, California has become a breeding ground for the worst anti-Israel hostility on campus. It is shocking to see that a professor every bit as wrong-headed and hate-filled as Ward Churchill has flown under the radar for so long.

The question remains how many other As’ad AbuKhalils are teaching on America’s college campuses and rooting for the destruction of Israel?

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