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The Tea Party: One Glenn Beck Episode Away From Bombing a Federal Building? (True Twit, Part 13)

Posted on April 8 2011 8:22 pm
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Have you ever been to the post office during lunch rush when there’s a line of people out the door and one of the two people working at the counter decides it’s break time? Or how about the DMV where you could contract tuberculosis while you wait for 6 hours only to be told the sixteen forms of identification you brought aren’t sufficient?

Have you, or someone you love, been escorted out of the Social Security office because they were afraid you were going to do them bodily harm because they gave you the wrong instructions for the third time?

Have you ever been hung up on by a government employee because they didn’t want to answer your inquiries into why they threw out your voter registration three days before a major election?

Have you ever had to call your congressperson to get weeds cut on your street because the state owns it and the city won’t care for it and in the mean time you almost get killed because it’s a vision hazard?

Have you been ticketed for smoking outside too close to a bus stop or forced to make thousands of dollars of repairs to your car because it wouldn’t pass the emissions test while the engine light was on…even though it was just an electrical problem that had nothing to do with emissions?

All these things happened to me or people I know and I’m willing to bet you have similar stories of nightmarish run-ins with bureaucratic government offices. Rachel Maddow, however, keeps insisting that anti-government is the same thing as pro-small government. But the Tea Party she hates so much isn’t anti-government at all. It is pro-responsible government. Using the recent Southwest Airlines disaster as a jumping off point, Maddow waxed hysterical about how anti-government types hate the government and don’t want the FAA doing safety checks on airplanes for stress cracks. Really? That’s the best she could come up with? No one, except possibly Ted Kaczynski, would object to the FAA requiring safety checks.

But then she really went off a cliff, insinuating that Southwest Airlines executives as well as all other airline executives don’t care enough about their passengers to do the checks without the FAA ordering them. Is she high? If I know anything about executives it’s that they don’t like to lose money. In case Maddow doesn’t know, plane crashes are super bad for business. Furthermore, the idea that a person who happens to work for an airline in a high-paying job is a heartless bastard who would like to see his customers go down in a fiery crash is asinine and highly insulting.

Southwest Airlines is the airline of the middle class. That a piece of the fuselage tore off mid-flight is a little scary, but not unheard of and you can bet Southwest will now be the safest airline to fly by the time they’re done with their repairs. And it won’t have had anything to do with the FAA but with corporate policy and a desire to keep their passengers safe.

Maddow wants to convince her viewers that those of us who think the government is too large, bloated and imbecilic live in one room shacks with no running water penning homicidal screeds all day. She’d have you believe we don’t like roads or firemen or the police.

Conservatives don’t hate government when it functions the way the Constitution intended. We need roads, courts, jails, safety measures, security, military, all kinds of things that government should do. What we don’t need is the never ending expansion of government into every aspect of our lives. We don’t need the government taking Happy Meals away from our kids, telling us which light bulbs to buy, what car to drive, how much sugar or fat to eat, how to be civil, what is fair, what our kids should know about sex, what temperature to set our thermostat, where we can smoke, when we can practice our Second Amendment rights, and which schools we can send our kids to. And that’s just the short list!

The Tea Party and conservatives aren’t anti-government; we’re pro-American government. We love the Constitution. We’ve actually read it. We don’t want to change it, we don’t want to transform it (fundamentally or otherwise), we simply want to follow it. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say the American people have a right to government funded health care. Nowhere in the Constitution does it suggest that the answer to every problem is another government agency. And if you read the Constitution, you won’t find the word “czar” in it anywhere.

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