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Dr. Economy Barack Obama says: Give me One BILLION Dollars and I’ll Redistribute it to ME!

Posted on April 4 2011 3:00 pm
Susan L.M. Goldberg blogs frequently under her own name as well as her alter-ego, the Angry Jewish Woman. She is also a contributor to Our Last Stand, a Generation-Y Conservative blog. Pay her a visit (and a Like) at Facebook.
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The top headlines this morning read (and I paraphrase):  Obama performs ultimate act of redistributing your wealth-donate now! Followed by:  Obama wants a billion?  WE can give YOU 4 TRILLION in 2012!

The political attitude towards money is priceless–until it involves your dwindling bank balance.  The Obama Campaign’s “official introduction” into the 2012 campaign (a race that some would say he’s been running since November 3, 2008) makes no official statements, yet illustrates his political platform very clearly: “All of you who are still unemployed, those of you who are now in the midst of fighting a third Middle Eastern war without Congressional approval, and all of you who sent an overwhelming majority of Republicans to Congress in November because you didn’t like my NCAA draft picks: Give me your money so that I can have the biggest campaign bankroll EVER.”  No wonder Obama viewed former Press Secretary Gibbs’s $172,000/year salary as “modest”: This President needs One BILLION Dollars to raise his self-esteem.

You can’t totally blame the guy.  After all, his Presidency has been an abject failure in the eyes of anyone whose politics are right-of-socialist.  The Administration has been busy waiving the white flag of truce when it comes to the illegitimacy of their firstborn son, Obamacare.  After being “shellacked” in the 2010 mid-terms, Obama and his press team worked hard to reform his image; in 2008, it was Lincoln, but 2010’s election results clearly proved that the first Republican was old news.  It was time for someone newer, hipper, fresher.  And, all of a sudden, the MSM covered Obama’s reclamation of the Bush-Era Tax Cuts like white on rice while his team refashioned our most left-wing President to date into the most Conservative of political figures, President Ronald Reagan.  Their staunch efforts even garnered Obama a Photoshopped pose with Reagan on the cover of TIME.

Going into 2011, it seemed as if Obama would be in the clear.  He may have stunk at listening to the will of the people when it came to health care, but hey, all you Republican-loving Independents out there:  This man found his inner-Reagan!  It’s smooth-sailing from here …straight into Libyan territory.  If Obama’s tacit support of the Egyptian socialist rebels wasn’t enough, the tipping point came with everyone’s favorite African dictator: Moammar Gadhafi.

You can almost hear the Obama team’s situation-room discussion now: Reagan had a pivotal Gadhafi moment during his Presidency!  This is sweet!  This is our Pearl Harbor moment!  Forget two-terms — amendments are outdated anyway — this is going to seal us in the White House for life!  True to their postmodernism, the Obama team got the players right, but the game very, very wrong.  Reagan’s quarrel with Libya involved one key element that our current conflict does not:  A “sense of direction and confident purpose.”  We have yet to know who these anti-Gadhafi rebels are, let alone what their goals for the new Libyan government might be.  Moreover, if we’re trying to use oil as an excuse to engage in international military action, why is President Obama trying so desperately to re-focus the American eye on “green job” production and consuming less oil?

Try as his new Press Secretary might, he can’t distract the MSM from the fact of Libya and the reality that, as gas prices rise to $4/gallon, telling Americans to cut their oil consumption doesn’t really cut it.  Especially not when you’re spending your days playing golf, charting your March Madness picks, and flying to Brazil in your diesel-fueled jet in order to encourage a foreign nation to reap the benefits of their natural resources while curtailing America’s ability to do just that.  But it’s ok: While Brazilians are awash in the billions of dollars environmental distaster that is offshore drilling, the American economy will be booming thanks to green jobs.

That’s right: The President’s biggest move towards job creation this year so far has been to sink $2.3 billion deficit-dollars into jobs that revolve around, as Glenn Beck so aptly put it: Wind, Solar, and cow farts.  Moreover, as Kenneth Green of the American Enterprise Institute points out, governments don’t “create jobs”:

“All the government can do is subsidize some industries while jacking up costs for others. In the green case, it is destroying jobs in the conventional energy sector—and most likely in other industrial sectors—through taxes and subsidies to new green companies that will use taxpayer dollars to undercut the competition. The subsidized jobs ‘created’ are, by definition, less efficient uses of capital than market-created jobs.”

That’s right, America: The President that has redistributed your jobs overseas (and sent you overseas to fight someone else’s battle for the sake of the “international community”) needs your money.  Why?  Because he’s taken billions of your dollars already and that’s just not enough.  2008’s slogan was all about hope and change — and, quite frankly, I don’t think we need much re-wording.  In 2012 I, for one, am hoping for some more change, and for a change, I’d like to put it in my own pocket.

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