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Nanny Knows Best – Yet Again, Feds Butt In

Posted on April 3 2011 10:51 am
Diane Schrader, a former television news writer/producer, lives with her family in Los Angeles. She likes a nice cup of tea. Follow her on Twitter.
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Some years back, I got a ticket for driving without my seatbelt on. I explained to the nosy officer that I had a painful sunburn which the seatbelt would exacerbate, and he asked me if I had a doctor’s note for that.

A doctor’s note! When’s the last time you got a sunburn and ran to the doctor? But that’s not really the point. The point is, he apparently thought I was a moron who couldn’t figure out, all by my little self, that the seatbelt was rubbing my sunburn raw.  I needed an “expert” to pin a note to my collar to show the nice officer.

Well, be thankful, comrades, that Those Who Know Best are issuing more Proclamations From On High That Are For Your Own Good:

New FEDERAL labeling requirements will force chain restaurants, bakeries, convenience stores and coffee chains to clearly post the number of calories for each item on the menu.

Why? Because you’re a stupid fat slob who doesn’t know how to feed yourself, and because Michelle Obama said so… that’s why.

Now, some conservatives are entirely missing the point on this one. They’re saying things like, “well, I kind of like having the calorie counts posted. It makes it easier for me to order something healthy.”

You know what would make it even easier? If Michelle Obama came to your house and personally fixed your salad and rice cakes. But we don’t want that, now, do we?

Wake up, fellow chubsters. It’s not about what’s easy. It’s about what’s right. It’s ALWAYS about what’s right.

The government – especially the federal government – has no Constitutional right to tell the restaurant owner how to advertise his wares. Nor does should the government have the power to force the restaurant owner to pay for new signs to post information he may or may not want to post. Period. End of discussion.

If customers want calorie counts listed, they should speak to the store manager. As it is, this law doesn’t apply to non-chain eateries, or movie theaters, or a number of other places where people buy food. Again, if customers want something, they should ask for it, and if a store owner is not responsive, let the power of the free market guide the choice of where to dine out next. Consumers should have all the power, and they would, if the government would just get out of the way.

By the way, who do you think will pay for that new sign at the Burger King? Why, you will, dear consumer, when your burger price gets hiked to cover the store owner’s increased costs. (For the record, the answer to the question “who do you think will pay for fill-in-the-blank”… well, the answer is ALWAYS “you, dear consumer.”)

And for the record, this is Reason #936 to oppose Obamacare, as that law birthed this stupid requirement. In fact, there is some speculation that if you suffer a heart attack, your medical care might be denied if they can show that you were eating 1200-calorie burgers WHICH THEY WARNED YOU ABOUT.

Anyway, if this were the only regulation the feds had ever created… it would still be wrong. But it would be minor. The reason it’s not minor is because this is just one of approximately 99 zillion federal regulations, all of which took time, money and energy to draft and get pushed into law, and will now require enforcement which will mean more tax dollars spent on more government bureaucrats – this is truly a lose-lose proposition.

In fact, the only thing that won’t be lost is weight, since consumers will learn to simply ignore the calorie counts, just like they’ve been doing on packaged food from the grocery store for years.

But that won’t stop our all-knowing Federal Nanny from forcing these types of packaging requirements on food. Or forcing us, when we go to buy it, to wear a seatbelt. Blistered sunburn or not.

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