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UN Staffers in Afghanistan Killed Due To Barbarism, Not A Burned Koran

Posted on April 2 2011 9:24 pm
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Not only do they truly believe that they are Smarter Than You and more enlightened than we hapless rubes, but they also truly believe that they are better than all those pesky “brown people,” particularly non-westerners. To them, of course non-ivory tower dwelling, non-westerners are far less advanced and can’t be expected to act in a civilized manner. Their barbarism is excused with a figurative pat on the head, all so that the left can tout themselves as oh-so-enlightened and so that they can continue to feel that they are far superior to everyone else.

I said the following in a post about female genital mutilation several months ago and it encapsulates exactly what is happening here:

This attitude is not only bigoted, it is a great danger. It is the “soft bigotry of low expectations” taken to an unprecedented, and deadly level. The result of this line of thought is that not only are barbaric acts like FGM condoned, but terrorism is also not only tolerated, it is excused. We see this all the time in their constant excuse-making for terrorists. Excuse me, man-made disaster causers, as the Newspeak-y left would like us to call them.

This bigotry and this meta-ethical relativism is one of the largest dangers the world faces. The world must realize that apologizing for evil, violent acts is not embracing diversity. It’s not “seeing both sides” nor being culturally aware. It is embracing insanity and condoning evil.

This line of thinking, which condones such barbarism and persists in delusional moral equivalency is revolting.  It is excusing evil acts by taking away any culpability people have for their own actions. They are showing their bigotry by saying that people just don’t know any better or are willing dupes easily led, not of their own accord. This must end. This is also not a “difference to be resolved with dialogue”.

Some things are just right or wrong. Some things are just good or evil. Some evil people commit acts of barbarism because they want to. Unlike President Obama and his fellow travelers, I refuse to excuse it and I refuse to ignore that reality.


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