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Top 5 Leftists Who Have Most Embarrassed Themselves With Their Pathetic Defense Of Obama’s War In Libya

Posted on April 1 2011 9:30 am
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The past two-plus years of Barack Obama’s presidency have been simply mind-boggling. In just 26 short months, we’ve seen a president tour the world apologizing for America’s power and might. We’ve watched as the government took over one-sixth of the nation’s economy. We’ve witnessed an economic recovery that has needlessly been extended by Keynesian theory in action. It’s almost surreal to see the Obama administration at work.

But there’s nothing quite so mystifying right now as Obama’s military action in Libya. I’ve been in a constant state of confusion since the fighting in Libya began. Why are we stepping in? What are our interests there? We’re OK with getting rid of Qaddafi (however you spell his name today), but that’s not our reason for acting. President Obama is willing to cede our leadership role in the matter to others — including France! — yet, as always, we’re doing the bulk of the heavy lifting. Our economy is in crisis, yet we’re spending hand over fist to fight a war with no clear objective.

And now there’s even talk of arming Libyan rebels who may have ties to al Qaeda. You read that right. FrontPage Magazine reports this fact. As NewsReal Blog’s own David Swindle put it so well:

There’s actually a debate in this country — and in our government’s leadership — about whether we should arm the barbarians who attacked us on 9/11. Just sit for a moment and let that fact sink in.

Sure, Libya has been a thorn in our side for many years. Yes, Qaddafi’s a madman and ought to be removed from power when the time is right. But the fact of the matter is that waging war in Libya right now, with the opposition forces that are in place, is dangerous and irresponsible. And that’s not even to mention the fact that the way in which Obama has gone about prosecuting the war is unconstitutional.

Yet one can’t help but notice the way the Left has fallen all over itself to defend this war. That’s right: the very same folks who heartily condemned Bush’s war on terror have become the staunched defenders of Obama’s war. From the administration, to the mainstream media, to the blogosphere, the Left has made a point of defending this military intervention in Libya. It’s both pathetic and embarrassing. Here’s a list of the Top 5 Leftists who most embarrassed themselves with their pathetic defense of Obama’s war in Libya.

We’ll start with one administration flack forced to play inane word games…

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