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Pants On The Floor With Boots On The Ground: True Twit Bares All For Obama’s War (True Twit, Part 10)

Posted on March 31 2011 12:00 pm
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If you thought the boot-licking press couldn’t get any more hypocritical over this Libya business you would be wrong. The same people, who could not stop calling the Iraq war “illegal” when the U.S. Congress authorized it, aren’t really sure if our current president needs to get authorization before invading a foreign country. Mr. “There will be no boots on the ground,” has just authorized…wait for it…boots on the ground in Libya. Maddow repeated the report from Reuters that the CIA has been authorized to carry out secret missions inside Libya. Again, boots on the ground. The Twit couldn’t bring herself to mention that little contradiction.

I was kind of proud of her that she brought up the Gang of 8 representatives who need to be notified when the president authorizes such action.Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD) is one of the gang and made noises suggesting he never saw anything.

I’m not aware of anything President Obama did or did not sign.

Well, that’s encouraging. Maddow didn’t seem too upset over it though. She did manage to look very confused and hopeful while pressing Michael Isikoff to provide her with a plausible sounding excuse for the highly questionable act of authorizing boots on the ground in Libya without the green light from congress.

As far as how this was authorized, I get that the president has to inform the gang of 8 from congress but do they have to sign off on what he’s doing?

Well, sweetheart, he isn’t buying Girl Scout cookies. I’d say getting agreement from eight people is the least he could do before sending Americans into Libya to kill people and break things. If this isn’t a war, it’s quickly escalating into one and I don’t think anyone on either side of the aisle wants one man to be the sole arbiter of when and where we go to war. If George Bush had done this, they would have called for his assassination. Oh wait, they did that.

Instead of being outraged that the president, who a short week or two ago insisted there would be “no boots on the ground” has completely reversed his position, Maddow was caught up trying to understand the nuances of the Presidential Finding. These “findings” are, in her words, “designed to influence action not just get information.”

At least she’s admitting it. Other sources, like CNN insist this is just intelligence gathering. (There’s a phrase I’m looking for that starts with “my” and ends with “ass.”) Whatever it is, arming rebels (because that’s next) who, for all we know are former Gitmo prisoners, is stupid. It’s a strange day when Andrew Sullivan and I agree on something.

The action in Libya truly is an unauthorized, ill-advised rush into…who knows? And yet the Left can only concern itself with the technicalities of presidential findings. What about the dying children? What about the “die-ins” and the protests and the “no war for oil” folks? Where are they? I guess the Left has found an unauthorized war they can get behind. And in doing so, they’ve shown their naked hypocrisy to the world.

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