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8 Ways to Use Children for Political Gain

Posted on March 30 2011 9:43 am
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As a rule of thumb, whenever you hear a progressive declaring, “It’s for the children!” chances are, there are children within striking distance who are going to suffer. In the super-secret playbook of the Left, using children heads up several chapters. Want to nationalize health care? Find a sick kid to throw in front of some microphones! Want to push through idiotic environmental legislation that will hurt the economy? Run commercials featuring crying, scared children. Want to spend more taxpayer money on giveaway programs? Find another hard-luck story and hide behind them so no one will notice the earmarks and pig grease leaking out of the bill. When anyone tries to debate the merits of progressive ideas, they immediately hold up their human shield and scream about the inhumanity of whoever is questioning an awful idea.

Something happened along the way in politics: it became socially acceptable to use personal anecdotes about random Americans to push agendas. It’s depraved when either party does it, and while I understand that politics are personal, Democrats have taken it to a whole new level. Regardless of the consequences of elevating some poor family into the public eye and what might happen to them as a result, the Left makes an art out of finding and exploiting children and their families for political gain.

Here’s a countdown of the 8 most despicable uses of children as political props and human shields.

8. Flowers and Nuclear Fallout: Meet Daisy Girl

I was born in 1976 so it is a testimony to how powerful this commercial was that even I, born 12 years after its debut, had it seared into my memory. During the election when Lyndon Johnson ran against Barry Goldwater, Johnson and his fellow Democrats were getting desperate for a winning strategy. And when desperation sets in, the Left always turns to fear-mongering. In the following commercial, a beautiful little girl sits picking daisy petals counting the way toddlers do, out of order. Suddenly an ominous voice starts the countdown from 10 and the little girl freezes in terror. As the camera pans closer and closer to her eye the viewer sees a devastating nuclear explosion in the reflection of her iris.

This political ad was intended to paint Goldwater as an extremist who would…I’m not sure…blow up little girls? It was disgusting then, and it’s disgusting when they do it now.

Next, threatening to kill Barney if taxpayers don’t pony up more $$$…

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