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Race-Baiting Van Jones Buddy Blesses Agitprop Studio With Billionaire Backing

Posted on March 29 2011 10:00 am
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Radical philanthropist George Soros‘s billionaire socialists club that wants to turn America into Greece has formally entered the propaganda business. Soros, by the way, has openly embraced Chinese Communism and has been lending moral and financial support to glorifying left-wing terrorist attacks against the United States.

A Soros-led group, the secretive Democracy Alliance, which is a donors’ collaborative that brokers funds for groups that want to destroy America as we know it, has started up a new project called New Media Ventures. (Democracy Alliance was created to fund a permanent political infrastructure of nonprofit think tanks, media outlets, leadership schools, and activist groups to compete with the conservative movement.)

This is its self-description from the “about” page on the New Media Ventures website:

New Media Ventures is the first national network of early stage investors who are investing their time and money into new, cutting edge, start-ups focused on building progressive change. Members join to learn more about opportunities that they couldn’t find anywhere else. It is a pilot project of the Democracy Alliance, a partnership of changemakers committed to strengthening democracy by investing in and fostering collaboration among progressive leaders and institutions. Launched in 2005, the Democracy Alliance has emerged as one of the largest drivers of progressive activist funding in the country.

New Media Ventures is directed by Christie George. The advisory board consists of:

• John Johnson, Co-Founder,
• Mike Mathieu, Founder,
• Rob McKay, Democracy Alliance Board Chair
• James Rucker, Co-Founder, Citizen Engagement Lab
• John Schwartz, Founder, Free Speech TV
• Felicia Wong, Senior Vice President Investment Services, Democracy Alliance

Ultimately, New Media Ventures aims to help investors support projects that increase citizen engagement and participation, creating lasting social change.

Ahem. I think these radical agitators changemakers mean socialist change.

James Rucker (pictured above), by the way, co-founded the vicious race-baiting group Color of Change with self-described “communist” and eco-charlatan Van Jones. After more than a year the group has failed, despite vigorous efforts, to get Glenn Beck dumped by Fox News — but they keep on trying.

But Color of Change did manage to get Andrew Breitbart booted from the coveted front page of the Huffington Post gossip and girls-in-bikinis-photos website in recent days. After Breitbart was invited to blog at the site –which he actually helped to design years ago when Arianna Huffington’s brain chemistry was a tad more stable– Color of Change attacked by urging its supporters to deluge the HuffPo with complaints. The group’s website shrieked:

Notorious liar and race-baiter Andrew Breitbart poses as a journalist and then uses his position to gin up race-based fears, protect racists, and demonize Black political leaders and institutions. Now The Huffington Post has given him a prime space on its platform to spew widely debunked lies. We reached out to Arianna Huffington and other leaders at The Huffington Post to ask why they’d give him cover. Their response? Silence.

The putsch push came after Breitbart (accurately) described Color of Change in an interview with the Daily Caller.

“I believe that Van Jones, and Color of Change, and ACORN poison the black community with propaganda that divides this country. Van Jones is a human toxin, ACORN was a human toxin. These are poisonous, venomous forces within the American experience,” Breitbart said. He added, “I will expose them like the cockroaches that they are.” […]

“I have the exact opposite view on free speech that these left-wing freaks at Color of Change have: More voices, not less,” Breitbart added. “They’re totalitarians, and they don’t like that I call them for what they are: totalitarians.” He said that the campaign organizers adhered to an ideology of “free speech for me, not for thee.”

“Van Jones is a cop killer-supporting, racist, demagogic freak. And a commie. And an eco-fraudster,” Breitbart said. A few kind words were volunteered for Jones: praise for being “spectacularly well-dressed.”

Amazingly, Breitbart’s statements were controversial.

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