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  Why Should We Care What NOW Thinks of Bill Maher’s Sexist Palin Slur?

Posted on March 27 2011 10:00 am
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They endorse men who call female politicians “whores” — even the fact that Meg Whitman is pro-choice wasn’t enough for them. She wasn’t a leftist. That is all that matters. They ignored the attempted smears of Governor Nikki Haley. They were silent when venom was spewed at the women featured in the movie “Fire From The Heartland.” They were, and still are, supportive of serial sexual harasser and manslaughterer Ted Kennedy because his sweet, sweet liberal policy was more important. They were silent when it was suggested that skirts be checked to ensure women in Congress had girly bits prior to voting.

NOW doesn’t wish to ‘correspond’ with Fox News? I think that Fox News should never, ever try to extract statements from NOW, nor should any media outlet. Unless, and only unless, they make clear that they are not a women’s group, but a leftist organization only. While NOW holds conservative women in particular contempt — they unabashedly do not hide the fact that they despise them — they aren’t really for any woman. Every belief that they espouse, every policy they push, every agenda they embrace is harmful to all women. Even the women who continue to misguidedly support them.

They do not, nor should they, speak for women. They are not, nor should they be, looked to as an authority on anything at all, women included. Their For The Woman ™ card expired long ago and  it is now time to confiscate it and cut it up into little pieces.

It is harmful to women to continue to give them credence, when absolutely none is deserved, by expecting them to issue “statements.” Who the hell wants them to? I certainly don’t. I need ‘feminists’, including the alleged ones at NOW, like a fish needs a bicycle.  They’ve done nothing but harm to women and to continue to give them credence by wanting them to — or expecting them to — issue statements is insulting. Women don’t need the likes of NOW “defending” them. Sarah Palin knows this. She is often accused of “playing the victim” too often and the reason given is that she stands up for herself and issues her own statements in lieu of waiting for others to do so. That is the opposite of victimhood. She is not relying on the likes of NOW or other faux women’s groups to “defend” her.

She has come a long way, baby. It’s far past time that we all do. The first step is hammering the final nail in NOW’s coffin (violent rhetoric be damned!) They should be marginalized as the group full of useful idiots that they are.

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