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7 Ways The Obama Administration Is Helping To Advance The Islamists’ Agenda

Posted on March 26 2011 10:00 am

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Islamic law (sharia) contradicts the notion that all human beings are entitled to be treated with equal dignity and have inalienable rights. Islamic law separates believers from nonbelievers, sanctioning inferior status, if not outright death, for the latter. In this worldview, religious tolerance is a one-way street. Women in Islam are degraded to submissiveness under misogynist laws. Children are taught to hate. Critical thought that questions official Islamic doctrines is regarded as the crime of defamation of Islam, punishable by death.

The Obama administration has joined the chorus of apologists and “makeover artists” who insist that only extremist fundamentalists practice Islam this way, and that they are no different from fundamentalists of every religion. Genuine Islam is gentle and peaceful, they say.

Although there are many Muslims who truly believe their religion can embrace reason and modern-day humanistic values, they are not the ones who are the most outspoken and influential in defining Islamic ideology today.  In far greater numbers than just those belonging to the most violent Islamic terrorist groups such as al Qaeda, it is the ideologues who belong to or sympathize with popular movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates who regard Islam as a universalistic, supremacist socioeconomic, and political ideology. They relentlessly seek to transform existing global institutions, including international law, so they comply with sharia.

The Obama White House is unable or unwilling to distinguish between true reformers and the phonies who operate by stealth, deception and lies (known as taqiyya). Through his words and actions, Obama is helping to sugarcoat an evil ideology and amplify the Islamists’ taqiyya. This may well be largely the product of Barack Obama’s Islamist associations and their influence over him for many years.

The following are the top seven ways in which the Obama administration is helping to advance the Islamists’ cause.

And we’re starting with…

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