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NewsReal Blog’s Daily Update for March 25

Posted on March 25 2011 8:24 am
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The Top 5 Hate-Mongers I Witnessed at the Los Angeles Anti-War Rally

Mar 25, 2011 06:00 am | Sammy Levine

The ‘Anti-War’ Left Exposed

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Why Would We Expect Kids of Illegal Immigrants to Love America?

Mar 24, 2011 09:46 pm | John Hawkins

Is an Arizona schoolteacher right? Do most Hispanic students hate America?

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Our Nameless and Blameless President

Mar 24, 2011 07:47 pm | Wendy K

Somehow I’m still on the Democrats’ radar, even though I left the Party a few years ago. Because, despite my best efforts to get off their list, keeps sending me emails. Usually I just delete the mail, but I couldn’t resist opening this one, since the subject heading shouted,  “Tell Congress:  Not One Dime …

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Robin Hood Was a Tea Partier

Mar 24, 2011 04:12 pm | Walter Hudson

In a recent post covering a forthcoming London protest by UK Uncut dubbed the “March for the Alternative,”  NRB’s Michelle Horstman introduced us to the Robin Hood Tax. It’s pretty much what it sounds like, a proposal to seize wealth from banks and redistribute it to “fight poverty” and “tackle climate change.” UK Uncut has …

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Ex-Carter Official Blames “Neocons” for “Trapping” Obama Into Acting on Libya

Mar 24, 2011 04:00 pm | Calvin Freiburger

When it comes to military intervention, the buck stops at the commander-in-chief’s desk.

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Rachel Maddow: Party Like It’s 1958! True Twit, Part 8

Mar 24, 2011 03:00 pm | David Forsmark

Why is it that “progressives” who “Lean Forward,” as MSNBC puts it, always reach so far into the past to apply America’s sins to a current generation? Recently Rachel Maddow had to hearken back to the era of Jim Crow to also bolster her strategy for Democrat victory in 2012– no, I’m not kidding.

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Are Recent Terrorist Attacks On Israel a Trap to Provoke UN Action?

Mar 24, 2011 02:09 pm | Joseph Klein

While ferment grips the Arab world in the Middle East and North Africa and all eyes are on Libya, Palestinian terrorists continue their deadly activities against Israel including a bombing in Jersualem yesterday and rocket attacks on Israeli cities launched from Gaza.

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When Human Shields Die

Mar 24, 2011 01:57 pm | Alan Wellikoff

When it comes to shields, nothing protects despots from democrats as effectively as the profusely-sweating human variety. The reason is obvious: democrats by definition believe in the sanctity of human life, while despots generally get where they are by mowing down all those who stand in their way.

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The Top 5 Ways Humans Caused the Japan Earthquake

Mar 24, 2011 12:30 pm | Jesse Hathaway

Gaia’s Revenge?

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It’s Time to Go Galt: Atlas Shrugged Movie is a Winner

Mar 24, 2011 11:00 am | Matthew Vadum

Finally a movie comes along that sticks it to the ruling class that is deliberately and maliciously driving America into the ground. The message of the movie adaptation of Ayn Rand’s 1,200-page opus, Atlas Shrugged, is that the productive should be able to go about their business without being hindered by the nonproductive and the anti-productive mischief makers of government.

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Out for Israel: A New Answer to the Hate Speech of Queers for Palestine

Mar 24, 2011 10:00 am | Phyllis Chesler

NRB interviews Michael Lucas, a heroic Jewish gay man standing up to the LGBT community’s false portrayal of Israel as an apartheid state.

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George “Robin Hood” Soros and His Merry Band of Pot Stirrers

Mar 24, 2011 08:00 am | Michelle Horstman

This weeks’ March 26th “March for the Alternative” is being sold as the grassroot action of frustrated citizens. Yet, as is typically the case with such events, it actually comes back to the same handful of people and groups.

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