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UNRWA Suggests Teaching Palestinians the Holocaust… and the Palestinian Schoolteachers Threaten Rebellion

Posted on March 24 2011 8:00 am
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Here is news: The Palestinians are angry. Apparently, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has suggested that the Holocaust be taught to Palestinian children.

To many, the real news here would be that UNRWA, the wholly owned subsidiary of the Palestinian cause, would even suggest such a thing. And yet, to the Palestinians, the very idea is infuriating. Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) alerts us to this screed from the official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida:

…everyone knows that the story of the Jewish Holocaust is a story about which there is great controversy, and in the heart of Europe—even in the heart of the Jewish communities themselves—there are people who do not accept the Israeli narrative concerning the Holocaust. Why should UNRWA push itself into a subject that for more than 60 years has aroused a great amount of controversy and fabrication…?

And PMW calls further attention to an interview with Al-Quds in which Nabila Al-Salah, a member of a committee for affirming the “right of return,” says that “study of the Holocaust in UNRWA schools is disgraceful, and opposed to UNRWA’s educational goals. She noted that study of the Holocaust serves the Zionist narrative at the expense of the refugee issue and the issue of the Palestinian people.”

None of this is new for the Palestinian Authority, and particularly for Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the PA. In a 2006 article entitled “’Acceptable’ Holocaust Denial, David Bedein quotes from Abbas’s doctoral thesis, written in 1982 in Moscow, at the Institute for Oriental Studies:

World War Two caused the death of 40 million people from different parts of the world. Ten million Germans, 20 million Soviets, and more….Rumors at the end of the war said that 6 million of the world’s Jews were among the victims in the war of extermination that was waged against the Jewish people and later on against other peoples. The fact is that no one can confirm this number or deny it. The number could be 6 million, but it could be much smaller, perhaps even smaller than one million….Many researchers who discussed the number reached the unconventional conclusion that it is no more than several hundred thousand.

In case there was any doubt, Hamas is in full agreement with the Palestinian Authority. According to AP, Hamas Education Minister Mohammed Asqoul has said, “Playing with the education of our children in the Gaza Strip is a red line.”

Again, this is a recurrent theme for Hamas. Take a look at a 2008 video from Hamas’s Al-Aqsa TV:

Ironically, all this fuss about a red line may be for naught. Far truer to its raison d’etre, UNRWA is rethinking its fanciful and radical proposal. According to the Associated Press, “it [UNRWA] could face another obstacle: its own schoolteachers. In about a dozen interviews, they said they did not want to teach the materials and warned of rebellion. ‘The agency will open the gates of hell with this step’ said one schoolteacher, Sami.”

Now we’re getting closer to reality. As far back as 2009, UNRWA reassuringly slammed the door on the “gates of hell.” As PMW reports, “Commissioner-General Karen Abu Zayd strongly denied rumors that UNRWA will be teaching the subject of the Holocaust as part of its curriculum.”

So what do the Palestinians routinely teach their kids? In short, the culture of death. In books, cartoons, and TV, the standard leitmotifs are the glorification of suicide terror, the exaltation of violence against Jews, and the promotion of shahada (death for the sake of Allah)—even for little children. Such madness has no age limitations.

Have a look at this one video, courtesy of PMW. (There are many more at their website.) Here indeed is instruction for children that falls well within the dreaded red line.



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