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Homophobic Barbarians: 10 Reasons Every Gay American Needs to Support the War Against Islamofascism

Posted on March 24 2011 6:00 am
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9. Gay parade shut down by violent Muslims

Bosnia’s first gay parade was interrupted by violent Muslims who attacked the party-goers in a violent rage. The organizers of the event had received death threats before the event, but chose to move forward anyway. When the angry mob attacked, they were shouting, “Kill the gays! Allahu Akbar!”

Still, leftists and some libertarians defend Islam’s violent realities.  Anything Muslims do is blamed on America’s support of Israel at the expense of Muslims. It’s the ultimate “get out of jail free” card. Beat up gays? It’s okay, America sucks. Blow up women and children? George Bush sucks. Sell young girls into marriage-slavery? Muslims are just so misunderstood.

Instead of spending our time fighting the danger Islam poses to freedom, we spend it trying to understand their motivation for hating us and apologizing for absolutely barbaric behavior while more and more people suffer under Islam. The leftist gay community spends their time protesting Chick-Fil-A.

8. The Cairo 52 and torture of gays in Egypt

A more well-known attack on homosexuals occurred in Egypt in 2004. 52 men, including one teen, were arrested for dancing at a nightclub under false charges of debauchery. Egyptian police have been accused of horrendous incidents of torture, a subject the Left is very vocal about when it involves American soldiers. Curiously, these very same leftists are quiet on the issue when it involves Musim intolerance of gays.

The men were subject to invasive “forensic exams” which included the stripping of the suspects and humiliating searches of body cavities to “prove” homosexual activity. Many times, the suspects are sexually violated in the process (a real head-scratcher, considering the whole reason they were arrested was for allegedly engaging in the same sexual behavior.)

Police routinely torture men suspected of homosexual conduct. The report cites testimonies of victims telling how they were bound, suspended in painful positions, burned with cigarettes or submerged in ice-cold water, and subjected to electroshock on their limbs and genitals.

All 52 men, including the teen, were sentenced to jail time for crimes for which there was no evidence and no witnesses. The American Left continued to call Islam a peaceful and enlightened religion. Gay Americans need to ask themselves: is this the kind of future we want?

Next: In Islamic countries, gays are considered “moral terrorists”…

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