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True Twit Part 7: Obama’s War Could Heal America’s Reputation that Bush’s War Destroyed

Posted on March 23 2011 8:00 pm
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A round of golf at seven, cocktails in the clubhouse at nine, brunch with dignitaries at eleven, bomb Libya at one, and top off the evening with a dinner reception in your honor and dance the night away. Wake up to the anti-war press singing your praises for liberating oppressed people! If you’re the Left’s most favorite president, that’s the kind of life you could lead.

Each and every day brings new hypocritical reports from the same people who called our last president a war-monger for attempting to liberate oppressed Muslims.  On Monday night’s TRMS, Rachel Maddow began the program with a montage of presidential announcements of military action from Ronald Reagan to George Bush. Each one was done from the White House in a formal setting. This, Maddow says, was presidential “chest thumping” that is just soooo last century. Our thoroughly modern president is far more secure or awesome, or something, because he just jogs up to whatever microphone is nearest and announces his wars in between shout-outs in Spanish while slurping down cocktails on vacation (I mean a “trade trip.” )

Maddow thinks his lack of gravitas will make the Muslim world who hates us just roll over for a belly rub from the great Obama. Curiously, Maddow thinks saving innocent civilians in Libya from a mad dictator is a worthwhile endeavor. But the innocent civilians languishing in rape-rooms in Sadaam’s palace didn’t warrant the same concern.

Most important to Maddow is something called “The Narrative,” which is the way the Muslim world views America as a Muslim-hating nation who will use any excuse to bomb them. In Maddow’s opinion, Obama is changing this narrative because he waited for a “clear international consensus” before bombing the hell out of another Muslim country. He let the world lead, you see, so America won’t be to blame for this intervention.

Of course the facts (that Maddow is so “obsessive” about,) show hundreds more American missiles falling onto the Libyans than missiles from any other coalition country. And why are bombs falling? I thought we were supposed to be enforcing a No-fly Zone. All of a sudden, we’re carpet bombing and Maddow is pretending not to notice. Calling this coalition “international” as if all countries agreed to using force against Gaddafi is an outrageous lie. Russia has from the beginning said no way, so has China and now Germany is pulling out. It’s not exactly the international hug-fest Maddow would have us believe. But she was certain on Monday night that this intervention in Libya is just what we need to change “The Narrative.”

By Tuesday night, she had changed her tune. Instead of focusing on how the invasion of Libya would help heal our reputation as a country that keeps invading Muslim countries, Maddow reversed her position from the night before entitling her show the “Coalition of the Not-So-Willing.” I guess she couldn’t help but notice that the international consensus was neither international nor in agreement as she said it was the night before. But never fear, because Maddow can put a positive spin on anything to protect her favorite president, Captain Awesome. Obama, she says, is doing all he can to let people know he really, really, really doesn’t want to be bombing Libya…as he continues to bomb Libya. This, she says, will help Muslims like us better because even though we’re bombing, we really don’t want to.

Grasping at straws is too generous a metaphor to describe this mess. The Left always finds itself in a quandary when trying to defend war when their guy is the one declaring it. They know they hate all war but can’t bring themselves to indict the guy they voted for and so find themselves making all kinds of bad arguments even they know are ridiculous. One thing is certain: it’s fun to watch!

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