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The Left Doesn’t Get Palin’s ‘No Apologies’ Tour in Israel

Posted on March 22 2011 8:00 am
Susan L.M. Goldberg blogs frequently under her own name as well as her alter-ego, the Angry Jewish Woman. She is also a contributor to Our Last Stand, a Generation-Y Conservative blog. Pay her a visit (and a Like) at Facebook.
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While the official faces of Left-Wing America are walking the tight-rope over to the dark side of the anti-Israel movement, Sarah Palin is making the Star of David a fashion statement for which she refuses to apologize.

Last week, Glenn Beck outlined the litany of anti-Israel comments and actions taken by President Obama and his Administration over the course of his term in office.  Things like referring to Israel as “unhelpful”; Obama telling the U.N. General Assembly that he “doesn’t accept the legitimacy” of the new settlements; Biden joining in with Obama’s press secretary in giving Israel repeated public tongue-lashings;  Obama ditching Netanyahu on his visit to America; and, most recently, the U.S. vetoing an anti-Israel resolution in the United Nations while, at the same time, “calling the settlements illegitimate and a folly”.  To top it off, Obama’s former National Security Adviser General Jim Jones felt perfectly fine cracking a joke about “Jewish merchants” in a public speech.

This week, Sarah Palin, ex-Alaskan Governor and devout Evangelical Christian, is donning a Star of David and walking around Jerusalem asking Israelis, “Why are you apologizing all the time?”

The irony can’t help but smack you in the face.  News flash to America:  These days, if you support Israel, you’re better off hanging around with anyone but the Left-wing.  In their eagerness to declare Palin’s run in 2012, liberal outlets have been reporting on Palin’s two-day trip as more proof that their theory is correct.  Following this tack, The Atlantic’s Chris Good has already interpreted Palin’s remark as a continuing critique of Obama’s Apology Methodology and “posture” on Israel.  Why, when it comes to liberals, is every comment always a personal insult to them?

For the sake of argument I’ll humor Good’s theory inasmuch as Obama’s anti-Israel “posture” needs to be called out on the carpet by the mainstream media.  While the rest of the Middle East becomes consumed by a Left-wing, radicalized Islamic agenda, the Obama Administration views Israel, America’s greatest ally in the region, as nothing more than an “illegitimate folly” to be ignored.  Something is rotten in the District of Columbia: And it’s not just the President’s golf score.

Power Line took a different approach: “Good question. Palin expressed the view that Jews should be able to pray openly on Temple Mount. Why should that be controversial?”  Because Jews trying to do anything peaceful—build homes; raise families; make positive contributions to the world—have always been controversial, at least in the minds of those who want us dead.

It really is that simple.  And, yet, the notion of our very existence has become as politicized as every other issue the Left has ever sunk their teeth into: Israel’s existence has become the Row v. Wade of the 21st century.  The “international community” is trimming away at land the way legislators have debated over exactly when life begins, how late is too late, and who gets to call the shots over a helpless, unborn life.  Only, this time, Israel is not a helpless infant: Israel is a nation with a strong infrastructure, economy, and military.  History has proven that the enemies of Israel can’t walk in with weapons and wipe her off the face of the earth.  So, instead, the Left continues to wage a war of verbal attacks, seeking to ideologically de-legitimize Israel on the international stage while breaking the pride of the Jewish people worldwide to the point where we deny ourselves the very right to pray in peace.

In commenting on Beck and Palin’s speeches at the “Rally to Restore Honor”, the Jerusalem Post’s Caroline Glick observed that Israel could learn something from America’s modern-day patriots: A sheer willingness to claim their American birthright with pride.  To Glick, doing so is the essence of national success:

“For a nation to flourish and succeed over time, its leaders must assert its creed with utter confidence both to their own people and to the world at large. They must assert their nation’s creed with complete confidence even to leaders who reject it. And they must never give anyone else the right to deny their people their identity.”
The Left has, in word and deed, accused Israel and her supporters of a great many things.  In doing so, the Left has sought to delegitimize Israel’s very right to exist.  It is time for those who support Israel to stop apologizing before we truly have something to be sorry about.
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