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The STUXNET Virus: Is Queen Esther Saving the Jewish People From Persia Again?

Posted on March 20 2011 1:29 pm
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Today is Purim, a Jewish holiday which celebrates the victory of Jewish people (led by Queen Esther) over the Persian King’s Vizier  Haman who received royal permission to kill the Jews. It is one of those “They Tried to Kill US, We Won, Lets Eat,” type of Jewish holidays.

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Stuxnet is the virus which has infected the computers the Iranian nuclear centrifuges causing them to be damaged. The job of the centrifuge is to purify Uranium so it could be used for reactors and/or weapons. Stuxnet “takes control” of the centrifuge and spins them out of control so they burn out. Until recently Iran had repeatedly denied that the complex computer worm had affected its nuclear program. In November, the UN said Iran had temporarily halted most of its uranium enrichment. It is clear that this cyber-attack has slowed down Iran’s march toward a nuclear weapon. Both the United States and Israel have pushed back their timelines saying that Iran is now a few years away from achieving nuclear weapons.

While no country has taken credit for Stuxnet, there is evidence that Israel is probably behind the computer worm…evidence of biblical proportions: computer scientists are analyzing the Stuxnet virus file name that seemingly refers to the Biblical Queen Esther. 

Read about the connection of the Biblical Queen Esther to the Stuxnet virus by clicking here The STUXNET Virus, Is Queen Esther Saving the Jewish People From Persia Again?

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